Threat Detection & Response for Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Security Teams

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Preventing Cyber Threats from Impacting Uptime

Threat detection is the practice of analyzing both asset and network information to identify malicious or anomalous activity that could impact operational continuity. Critical infrastructure and industrial security teams need a centralized threat detection and response solution that was built for OT systems and provides contextual insights about risks to align response efforts.


Nozomi Networks’ Threat Detection & Response

Pinpoint the cyber and operational risks that matter most

Access AI-powered insights that help you prevent events from becoming impacts

Continuously monitor your assets and networks for threats

Scale threat detection and response across your entire operational infrastructure


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Threat Detection & Response for Tomorrow’s Operations

Nozomi Networks’ AI-powered monitoring and prevention technology immediately baselines and profiles every device and its behavior to quickly pinpoint the security threats and process anomalies that matter most. Guided remediation Playbooks keep your team focused to prevent events from becoming impacts.

Unlike other solutions on the market, our platform detects threats on both the network and endpoints, giving a 360-degree view of the cyber risk landscape in operational technology systems. Our Threat Intelligence feed delivers continuous intelligence to stay on top of emerging threats and reduce your mean-time-to-detect (MTTD).

Nozomi Networks detects a wide range of risks, including:

Assets with vulnerabilities
Bad configurations (NTP/DNS/DHCP, etc.)
Cleartext or weak passwords
Bad configurations (NTP/DNS/DHCP, etc.)
Corrupted OT packets
Device state change
IP conflicts
New connections to the enterprise network
New connections to the Internet
New communications
New nodes
Policy violations
New remote access
Open ports on assets
Non-responsive asset
Unauthorized cross level communication
Unencrypted communications

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