Applying the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards for IACS Security

What Are the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards?

The ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards was developed by the ISA99 Committee and the IEC Technical Committee 65/Working Group 10 to define requirements and processes for implementing and maintaining electronically secure IACS. These standards set best practices for security and provide a way to assess the level of security performance.

Maintaining compliance with ISA/IEC 62443 can help reduce the likelihood of cyberattacks and help avoid serious regulatory, financial and safety consequences while ensuring that operations are achieving comprehensive levels of ICS and cyber-physical security.

Which ISA/IEC 62443 Parts Does Nozomi Networks Support?

Our solution helps you implement Parts 2-1 and 3-3 of the standard.

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Part 2-1: Risk Analysis

Risk Identification, Classification and Assessment
Identify the industrial automation and control systems
Develop simple network diagrams
Prioritize systems
Perform a detailed vulnerability assessment
Conduct a detailed risk assessment
Conduct risk assessments throughout the lifecycle of the IACS
Document the risk assessment
Maintain vulnerability assessment records
Addressing the Risks with Cybersecurity Management Systems
Protecting connections
Maintaining equipment assets
Employ isolation or segmentation on high-risk IACS
Block non-essential communications with barrier devices
Change default passwords
Authenticate all users before system use
Require strong authentication methods for system administration and application configuration
Develop a policy for remote login and connections
Establish appropriate logical and physical permission methods to access IACS devices
Managing IACS risk on an ongoing basis
Employ a common set of countermeasures
Develop and implement a change management system
Establish and document a patch management procedure
Implement an incident response plan
Establish a reporting procedure for unusual activities and events
Identify and response to incidents
Identify failed and successful cyber security breaches

Part 3-3: Systems security requirements and security levels
Human user identification and authentication
Authenticator Management
Wireless Access Management
Strength of password-based authentication
Public key infrastructure certificates
Strength of public key authentication
Access via untrusted networks
Wireless use control
Use control for portable and mobile devices
Session lock
Remote session termination
Auditable events
Audit storage capacity
Communications integrity
Malicious code protection
Human user identification and authentication
Software and information integrity
Input validation
Session integrity
Information confidentiality
Use of cryptography
Network segmentation
Zone boundary protection
General-purpose person-to-person communication restrictions
Continuous monitoring
Denial of service protection
Resource management
Control systems and recovery
Emergency power
Network and security configuration settings
Control system component inventory

How Does Nozomi Networks Support ISA/IEC 62443 Compliance?

Asset Visibility & Vulnerability Assessment

Nozomi Networks’ automated asset identification saves time and helps achieve a centralized view of all your OT & IoT assets.

Nozomi Networks’ comprehensive vulnerability analysis supports prioritized and efficient risk reduction efforts with actionable insights on remediation steps, patches and upgrades.

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Continuous Monitoring & Threat Detection

Our AI-driven network monitoring and threat detection quickly identifies any anomalous activity within OT and IoT environments to meet ISA/IEC 62433 monitoring requirements.

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Vantage alert
ISA/IEC 62443 Reporting

Our content packs feature makes it easy to measure compliance with standards and best practices, including ISA/IEC 62433.

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ISA IEC 62443 content pack

Why Choose Nozomi Networks for ISA/IEC 62443 Compliance?


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OT Expertise

Our solution was born in OT and supports hundreds of protocols for passive discovery, as well as smart polling, an endpoint security sensor, and a wireless monitoring sensor, making the flexibility and depth of our asset management and anomaly detection capabilities unmatched.

Robust Data Reporting

Our Dashboards and Content Packs allow users to quickly create a shareable format for the data they need to benchmark progress when applying the ISA/IEC 62443 standards in their OT environments.

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