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What Is the NIS2 Directive?

The Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive was an initial piece of EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. Updates to the latest iteration of the NIS2 Directive to coordinate cybersecurity across the European Union specify new terms and mandates for Member States. The guidance tasks leaders with applying cybersecurity considerations and requirements to entities that serve a large part of the populations and are considered vital to the economy based on services provided and size of operations.

The NIS2 Directive was formally adopted by the Parliament and then the Council in November 2022 and became enforceable as of 16 January 2023. Member States now have until 17 October 2024, to weave NIS2 components, strategies, and mandated reporting into their national laws.

Which NIS2 Requirements Does Nozomi Networks Help with?

Our solution supports all seven broad security requirements completely or partially.

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Risk analysis and information systems security policies
Incident handling (prevention, detection, and response)
Business continuity and crisis management
Supply chain security
Security in network and information systems
Policies and procedures for cybersecurity risk management measures
The use of cryptography and encryption

How Does Nozomi Networks Support NIS2 Directive Compliance?

Our solution helps cybersecurity teams and mission-critical stakeholders conform to the NIS2 Directive components, strategies, and mandated reporting with real time asset intelligence, vulnerability analysis, AI-powered threat detection and contextual incident information.

Identify Cybersecurity Risks

Nozomi Networks’ comprehensive asset intelligence and vulnerability analysis supports prioritized and efficient risk reduction efforts with actionable insights on remediation steps, patches and upgrades.

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Vantage Vulnerability & Risk Dashboard
Detect Emerging Threats & Anomalies

Nozomi Networks AI-driven threat detection and root cause analysis accelerate remediation and limit exposure/damage. Our up-to-date threat intelligence data and customized content packs deliver immediate security and compliance assessments.

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Respond with
Actionable Intelligence

Nozomi Networks provides actionable intelligence to quickly address security and operational issues. Our dashboards, query capabilities and forensic tools identify root causes, filter out unimportant information and facilitate compliance reporting. Playbooks keep you focused on what matters to help coordinate remediation efforts across teams.

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Why Choose Nozomi Networks for NIS2 Directive Compliance?


We truly value our customers and take pride in having the industry’s highest customer retention rate. But don’t take our word for it. Read why our customers rank us #1 on Gartner Peer Reviews here.

Accuracy & Depth

Our asset intelligence and security data delivers the insights that matter to our customers. Our solution supports hundreds of protocols for passive discovery, as well as smart polling and an endpoint security sensor, making the flexibility and depth of our asset inventory and anomaly detection capabilities unmatched.

Robust Data Reporting

Our Dashboards and Content Packs allow users to quickly create a shareable format for the data they need to focus on what matters most to them.


Our cloud-based, virtualized and hardware deployment options, along with our attractive subscription pricing model, provides the most efficient deployment and highest ROI in the space.

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