An Integrated Platform for Operational Technology Visibility & Security

We combine visibility from the endpoint to the air with continuous monitoring and AI-powered analysis to increase cyber resilience.

Why Choose an OT & IoT Cybersecurity Solution?

Operational technology environments have unique requirements, and partnering with a vendor who understands them is critical to a successful risk management program.

OT systems prioritize safety and reliability over confidentiality.

Industrial protocols are unknown in the IT world and are inherently insecure.

Patching in OT can’t be automated like in IT.

The volume of OT and IoT devices make them harder to manage than IT devices (billions vs. millions).

4 Years Running: Customers Rank Us #1 on Gartner Peer Insights for OT Security

Great Product. Great Support. Professional Services and Training A+

The vendor has been very effective with our professional services, and also in completing some enhancement requests we have submitted.

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Great Product for OT Security

Exceptional experience. We have chosen the right product. This product gives detailed visibility for our OT networks.

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Secure your OT network by doing this!

We can trust the results given by the product in our day to day monitoring, and it helped us to get to the next level of cyber maturity in our organization.

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Excellent Product for Network Visibility & Threat Detection in OT Environment

The Nozomi Guardian provides a very good and intuitive user interface to view/analyze your OT environment in real time.

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Great tools with comprehensive capability in ICS cybersecurity

A cutting-edge technology, providing visibility and network insight, complemented by top-notch professional services and consultation, work seamlessly together to provide a comprehensive solution.

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Extraordinary Product for OT/IoT

We are using Nozomi Networks CMC, Guardian and Remote collector in our organization and we are getting expected results and output. We highly recommend to use this product in OT environment.

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Exceeded Expectations. Deeper Visibility Than Expected.

Couldn't have been easier working directly with the team there. Our team was approached via a cold call. We have heard of Nozomi in the past, but hadn't reached out. Our initial engagement was simply to put a POC in place. I cannot speak high enough of the team there.

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Good For Both Operational Insights and Visibility Over Security Breaches

A robust solution that gives us all the insights we need about our OT network security. Visibility over the OT network and the automatically illustrated topology diagram, it shows us devices even we aren't aware of and their corresponding connectivities and communications.

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This Product Keeps Its Promises

The learning phase lasted one month, and the well-designed interface makes it pretty simple. Now, Guardian gives us precise alerts, with almost no false positives. Real events are clearly visible with the risk level indicator, making it easy to decide when and how to react.

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Ease of Deployment, Behavioural Baselining, Visibility and Granular Asset Inventory

We were looking for a product that can meet our requirements under three broad categories - ICS asset inventory, ICS vulnerability assessment and anomaly detection with network visibility. Nozomi ... won hands down in terms of key features.

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Nozomi Vantage is a SaaS application that unifies OT security monitoring and risk management processes across sites, regions and teams.

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The Nozomi Guardian security sensor passively observes local OT network traffic to provide comprehensive asset visibility and network monitoring for mission critical industries.

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Guardian screenshot
Nozomi Guardian Air UI

Guardian Air

The Nozomi Guardian Air wireless security sensor monitors prominent communications frequencies, protocols in use and connected assets for asset visibility, on-going threat detection and vulnerability assessment in OT and IoT environments.

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The Nozomi Arc endpoint security sensor enhances asset inventory data, enables host-based security monitoring and facilitates incident analysis and correlation for OT and IoT devices.

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Arc screenshot
CMC screenshot

Central Management Console

Nozomi Central Management Console is a sensor that manages multiple Guardians in a distributed environment and is required where Vantage cannot be used.

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