Implementing the TSA Security Directives

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What Are the TSA Security Directives?

The TSA Security Directives are issued by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). These Directives target critical oil and gas pipelines, rail transit systems and the aviation sector. At a high level, they require owners and operators to develop and implement a cybersecurity incident response plan, complete a vulnerability assessment to identify potential risks in their systems and report security breaches to CISA within a specific timeframe.

Which TSA Security Directive Requirements Does Nozomi Networks Support?

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Conduct a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment
Establish and Implement a Cybersecurity Implementation Plan
Information Protection

How Does Nozomi Networks Help Meet TSA Security Directives?

Our solution helps security teams in the oil and gas, aviation and rail sectors implement the requirements in the TSA Security Directives with real time asset intelligence, vulnerability analysis, and AI-powered analytics.

Identify: Discover all OT devices and their vulnerabilities

Nozomi Networks’ automated asset identification and comprehensive vulnerability analysis supports prioritized and efficient risk reduction efforts with actionable insights on remediation steps, patches and upgrades.

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Vantage Vulnerability & Risk Dashboard
Protect + Detect: Proactively prevent cyber incidents

Comprehensive network and endpoint monitoring capabilities provide a real-time view into network segmentation zones, quickly pinpoint anomalies and correlate user activity at the endpoint to proactively prevent impacts from an incident.

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Vantage alert
Respond: Act quickly and stay focused

Dashboards, query capabilities, and forensic tools identify root causes and filter out unimportant information. Playbooks and threat intelligence keep you focused on what matters and help coordinate remediation efforts across teams.

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Vantage dashboard

Why Choose Nozomi Networks for TSA Directive Compliance?


We truly value our customers and take pride in having the industry’s highest customer retention rate. But don’t take our word for it. Read why our customers rank us #1 on Gartner Peer Reviews here.

Accuracy & Depth

Our asset intelligence and security data delivers the insights that matter to our customers. Our solution supports hundreds of protocols for passive discovery, as well as smart polling and an endpoint security sensor, making the flexibility and depth of our asset inventory and anomaly detection capabilities unmatched.

Robust Data Reporting

Our Dashboards and Content Packs allow users to quickly create a shareable format for the data they need to focus on what matters most to them.

Sector Expertise

Nozomi Networks is the leader in securing critical infrastructure. Some of the largest oil and gas operators and transportation organizations in the world rely on us to protect their industrial environments.

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