Cybersecurity for Maritime Organizations

As port and shipping companies become more connected and autonomous, they need solutions that will minimize both cyber and operational risks. Our maritime cybersecurity solution enhances resilience with scalable asset inventory management, AI-powered continuous monitoring and guided remediation playbooks.

Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Solution for Maritime Teams

Identify and manage every OT, IoT and building management system asset

Pinpoint the threats and anomalies that matter most to keep goods and people moving

Scale continuous OT monitoring processes across dispersed ports and fleets

Exceed regional regulatory requirements

Where Are You Starting Your Cyber Resilience Journey?

Asset Inventory Management

Monitor every asset, including cranes, IoT and building devices, and ship onboard systems.

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Threat Detection & Response

Focus on the anomalies that matter most to maintain resilience.

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Continuous Operational Monitoring

Detect process anomalies, network misconfigurations and failing equipment to prevent downtime.

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Complying with Regional Regulations

OT & IoT asset management and monitoring that exceeds government guidelines.

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Why Nozomi Networks?



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Leading with AI

Leading with AI

Our AI-powered technology comes with an inherent knowledge of operational systems and uses its neural network to learn about your unique environments to prioritize the risks that matter most for your business.

Centralized Security for Global Operations

Centralized Security for Globally Dispersed Operations

Our flexible architecture and management options make it easy to scale cybersecurity monitoring across multiple ports and fleets, and our ruggedized data collection sensors are certified for use on ships and sturdy enough to use on cranes.



Our cloud-based, virtualized and hardware deployment options, along with our attractive subscription pricing model, provides the most efficient deployment and highest ROI in the space.

Protecting the World’s Largest Port

Goals & challenges
Lack of automated crane and IP camera visibility
Needed to integrate OT into SOC
Compliance with country’s cybersecurity requirements
Need for ruggedization of data collection sensors
Asset discovery and fine-tuning of alerts to reduce false positives
Cyber + operational anomaly detection
Ability to monitor everything without dropping traffic
SOC convergence for complete visibility
Deployment of first OT SOC for organization with partners

Sample Deployment Architecture for Maritime Operations

Nozomi Networks’ flexible, scalable architecture and integrations make it easy to tailor our solution for your unique environment.

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