Nozomi Central Management ConsoleTM

Centralized visibility and monitoring of Nozomi Networks sensors

What Is Nozomi Central Management Console?

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Nozomi Central Management Console is a sensor that manages multiple Guardians in a distributed environment. The Nozomi Central Management Console provides a consolidated view of all Guardian sensors and is required where Vantage cannot be used.

Product Overview

Key Benefits of Nozomi
Central Management Console (CMC)

Real-Time Visibility into Your Networks

Nozomi Central Management Console aggregates information from thousands of sites and assets for real-time visibility into your OT networks and their activity patterns. Users can quickly troubleshoot issues and accelerate incident response.

Quickly Detect Emerging Threats

Aggregated cybersecurity threats combined with vulnerability assessments data across sites enable users to easily identify emerging threats before they become problems.

Reduce Mean-Time-to-Repair

The Time Machine feature enables users to isolate the root cause of an issue and reduce mean-time-to repair.

Flexible Deployment Options

Nozomi Central Management Console can be deployed on-premises, in your public cloud provider (AWS or Azure) and at the edge on virtual and physical appliances.


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Why Choose Nozomi Central Management Console?

Visibility into all IoT and OT assets from one centralized location

Aggregation of cybersecurity threats across sites enabling users to easily identify emerging threats

Real time reports on attacks to reduce mean-time-to-detection

Flexible deployment options: on-premises or host in public cloud provider

Scalability for global deployment without sacrificing performance

How Does the Nozomi Central Management Console Work?

Nozomi Central Management Console aggregates Guardian sensors data by site without duplications, enabling users to quickly understand their OT assets and risk levels. Users can drill down on the data by asset or at the network level.
Industrial Strength Cyber and Operational Resilience

You can protect a wide variety of mixed environments with rapid asset discovery, network visualization and accelerated security.

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You can tailor the Nozomi Networks solution to meet your needs by utilizing its flexible architecture and integrations with other systems.

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