IoT Cybersecurity for Healthcare Facilities

As hospitals integrate a growing number of IoMT, IT and OT devices into their healthcare and facility systems, cybersecurity becomes a critical challenge. Nozomi Networks empowers hospital IT and facilities teams with complete visibility into all connected devices and networks and continuously monitors your environment to pinpoint the risks that matter most.

Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Solution for Healthcare Facilities

Identify and manage every IoT and IoMT device, including building management systems

Pinpoint the operational risks that matter most to protect patient safety and comfort

Scale continuous IoT monitoring processes across systems and teams

Exceed regional regulatory requirements

Sample Deployment Architecture for a Hospital

Nozomi Networks’ flexible, scalable architecture and integrations make it easy to tailor our solution for your unique environment.

The Connected Healthcare Experience

In today’s smart hospitals, every step of a patient’s journey involves connected technology that improves healthcare, comfort and safety. The IoMT and building automation systems that deliver this experience are critical and need to be secured to protect patients and healthcare delivery.

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Nozomi Networks Hospital Deployment
Easy to Deploy IoMT/OT Security

The Nozomi Networks solution easily integrates with your existing hospital or healthcare infrastructure to improve cyber and operational resilience. The sample deployment approach shown is readily tailored to meet your needs using a flexible architecture, an extensive range of sensors and integrations with other systems.

IoT in a Hospital
Flexible, Scalable Deployment

The Nozomi Networks solution readily scales to monitor hundreds of locations and thousands of assets from a central location, so you can efficiently secure your changing devices, systems and presence. The scalability approach shown is easily tailored to meet your needs using a flexible architecture, an extensive range of sensors and integrations with other systems.

Nozomi Networks Hospital Deployment

Why Nozomi Networks?



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Identify Every Connected Device

Identify Every Connected Device

Our platform was built to handle heterogenous environments and covers both IoMT devices and building systems such as HVAC, cameras, and elevators.

Go Beyond Asset Inventory

Go Beyond Asset Inventory

Nozomi Networks provides both asset inventory management and continuous monitoring with guided remediations. Our solution supports hundreds of protocols for passive monitoring, as well as smart polling and an endpoint security sensor, making the flexibility and depth of our visibility and detection capabilities unmatched.

Leading with AI

Leading with AI

Our AI-powered technology comes with an inherent knowledge of OT & IoT systems and uses its neural network to learn about your unique environment to prioritize the risks that matter most for your business.

Where Are You Starting Your Cyber Resilience Journey?

Asset Inventory Management

Identify and manage all your connected cyber-physical devices in one platform.

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Threat Detection & Response

Uncover the cybersecurity risks that matter most in your operations.

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IoT Security

Get visibility and security for every IoT device.

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Complying with Regional Regulations

Exceed government guidelines with asset management and network monitoring.

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