Applying Cybersecurity Standards & Regulations with Nozomi Networks

Learn more about how our solution can help your team comply with your local cybersecurity regulations and implement best practices.

ISA/IEC 62443 Standards

Learn how Nozomi Networks helps industrial operators secure their IACS by supporting Parts 2-1 and 3-3 of the standards.

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NERC CIP Regulations

See how Nozomi Networks platform reduces time and effort spent on meeting NERC CIP compliance standards.

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NIS2 Directive

Learn how Nozomi Networks can help Essential and Important Entities across Europe conform to the NIS2 Directive components, strategies, and mandated reporting.

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TSA Security Directives

Learn more about how Nozomi Networks' platform can help security teams in the oil and gas, aviation and rail sectors implement the requirements in the TSA Security Directives.

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SEC Cybersecurity Rules

Discover how Nozomi Networks helps executives prioritize and mitigate operational risks inside their most critical assets across sites, regions and teams.

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