Cybersecurity for Data Centers

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Keeping Hyper-Connected Data Centers Secure

As data center consolidation increases, and more organizations move applications to cloud providers, the data center has become a high value target for increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks. In addition to attacking servers and applications directly, the data center infrastructure has become a prime target to disrupt operations and increase the likelihood of widespread outages, making data center cybersecurity a critical component of every risk management program.


Nozomi Networks’ Solution for Data Center Cybersecurity

The Nozomi Networks platform empowers users with visibility into their network and endpoints, advanced threat and anomaly detection and AI-powered insights that reduce MTTR.

Identify and manage cyber physical assets, including IoT and building automation devices

Pinpoint the risks that matter most to maintain operational resilience

Prioritize remediation efforts with workbooks that highlight the most critical endpoint vulnerabilities.

Scale continuous security monitoring processes across data center locations and teams.

Why Choose Nozomi Networks for Data Center Cybersecurity?

These are just some of the reasons we are loved by our customers.


We truly value our customers and take pride in having the industry’s highest customer retention rate. But don’t take our word for it. Read why our customers rank us #1 on Gartner Peer Reviews here.

Leading with AI

Our AI-powered technology comes with an inherent knowledge of cyber physical and IoT systems and uses its neural network to learn about your unique environments to prioritize the risks that matter most for your business.

Reduced Time to Resilience

Change how you deploy IoT security, with options for passive, agentless and active data collection methods to get your operations resilient, faster.

Cyber Physical Systems Expertise

Our solution was created for complex environments with a variety of IT, IoT and OT systems, and some of the largest global companies trust us to keep their data center environments secure.

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