OT Cybersecurity for Oil & Gas Operations

Build a resilient future for your upstream, midstream, and downstream operations with our industry-leading visibility and cybersecurity solution that exceeds government guidelines.

Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Solution for Oil & Gas

Identify and manage every OT and IoT asset across upstream, midstream and downstream environments

Pinpoint the cyber and operational risks that matter most

Prevent downtime with guided remediation playbooks for alerts

Scale visibility and continuous OT monitoring across sites, regions and teams

Where Are You Starting Your Cyber Resilience Journey?

Asset Inventory Management

Identify and monitor every asset across your oil and gas operations.

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Threat Detection & Response

Prevent downtime with industry-leading threat detections and AI-powered analysis.

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Continuous Operational Monitoring

Detect process anomalies, failing equipment and network misconfigurations to prevent downtime.

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Complying with Regional Regulations

Exceed government guidelines with continuous security monitoring.

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Why Nozomi Networks?



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Leading with AI

Leading with AI

Our AI-powered technology comes with an inherent knowledge of operational systems and uses its neural network to learn about your unique environments to prioritize the risks that matter most for your business.

Reduced Time to Resilience

Reduced Time to Resilience

Empower yourself to change how you deploy OT security, with options for passive, agentless and active data collection methods to get your operations resilient, faster.

Oil & Gas Sector Expertise

Oil & Gas Sector Expertise

Hundreds of global oil & gas operators trust Nozomi Networks to keep their upstream, midstream and downstream operations reliable and secure.

Oil & Gas Producer Deploys Global ICS Security Program


An integrated oil & gas producer operating in the United States, Latin America and the Middle East with an annual revenue of $12B+ and more than 11,000 employees.

Goals & challenges
Little to no visibility into heterogenous and geographically dispersed operational assets and networks
No continuous monitoring in place to detect and prevent impacts from a cyberattack
No centralized cybersecurity program
Detailed asset inventory created the foundation for detecting, isolating, preventing and remediating cyberattacks
Deepened ability to monitor regional and global ICS network activity with an end-to-end security solution
Improved anomaly detection to prevent cybersecurity and process incidents before they occur

Sample Deployment Architecture for Oil & Gas Sites

Nozomi Networks’ flexible, scalable architecture and integrations make it easy to tailor our solution for your unique environment.

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