Vantage IQ

Leverage AI-powered analysis and response to extend the reach and effectiveness of your security teams.

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Vantage IQ, Your SOC Analyst in the Cloud

Vantage IQ Insights

Built specifically for OT environments, Vantage IQ delivers AI-powered cybersecurity analysis and response to security teams. Available as an add-on to Nozomi Vantage, it replicates the domain expertise of seasoned security analysts to minimize risk and maximize resilience for large, complex operational networks at a fraction of the cost.

Product Overview

Key Benefits of Vantage IQ

Pinpoints the Cyber and Operational Risks That Matter Most

Our new AI-based analytics engine extends Vantage capabilities for deeper insights and stronger correlation to focus on prioritized, actionable alerts.

Identifies Potential Blind Spots in Your Environments

Vantage IQ automatically identifies if sensor placements are less than optimal and makes recommendations on improving visibility.

Empowers Your Team with the Right Contextual Data

More natural problem descriptions and remediation recommendations accelerate response to maintain resilience.

Maximizes the Success of Your Security Program with Fewer Resources

Vantage IQ’s automations and guided remediations reduce the need for IR services and additional security analysts.

Creates the Building Blocks for Generative AI in OT Cybersecurity

Powerful new query and answer system allows customizable research and includes inherent knowledge of control systems while also learning expected behaviors over time.

Provides Immediate Value

Vantage IQ is easy to use and begins analyzing existing data and providing insights immediately with standard queries.


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Key Features of Vantage IQ

Insights Dashboard

Highlights correlated alerts and root-cause analysis

AI-Based Query & Analysis System

Powerful customizable queries are used to answer common questions and provide users with a better understanding of their environment.

Time Series

Time Series utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to predict and alert on abnormal bandwidth from any sensor’s baseline network activity.

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