Nozomi VantageTM

Scale risk management and operational resilience across all your OT and IoT systems.

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Quickly detect and respond to cyber threats, risks, and anomalies anywhere.

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Nozomi Vantage is a cloud management platform that unifies security monitoring and risk management across Guardian sensors and Arc endpoints for an unlimited number of OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud assets across sites, regions, and teams. Through a single pane of glass, Vantage powers asset management, vulnerability assessment, and threat detection and response.

Product Overview

Identify, Assess, Detect
and Respond at Scale

Eliminate Critical Blind Spots

Automatically discover and visualize all OT, IoT, and ICS assets and vulnerabilities in real-time, providing actionable insights and a comprehensive view of your entire network

Automatically Assess Risks and Prioritize Response

Correlate and assess vulnerabilities, prioritize high-impact risks, and  continuously monitor all supported OT, IoT, and IT protocols.

Quickly Detect and Disrupt Threats and Anomalous Behavior

Identify vulnerabilities and rank them based on risk exposure and greatest impact on security posture if addressed.

Accelerate Cyber Incident Response

Greatly reduce time-consuming research and speed up your cyber threat response with clear explanations of incidents and possible causes, suggested solutions, and pre-defined Playbooks to guide remediation efforts for each type of threat.

Ease of Deployment Across Multi-Sites

Centralized cloud-based aggregation, analysis and management help simplify multi-site deployments as fewer administrative resources are required to manage multiple sites and the large number of sensors.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Vantage IQ, the industry’s first AI/ML engine, automates tedious tasks and provide actionable insights on how to remediate and close the security skill gap.


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Born to Defend Large-Scale Critical Infrastructure

Purpose-built for OT and IoT

Address the complex requirements of industrial and critical infrastructure environments.

Unlimited Scale

Multi-tier architecture surpasses traditional two-tier architectures to give you unified visibility and security across all of your sites, assets and end points

Unified Security Functions

Combine asset visibility, vulnerability assessment and threat detection in one place.

Superior Accuracy

From asset intelligence to threat detection to vulnerability analysis, the most accurate insights power faster reduced risks and faster response.

Leading with AI

Stay ahead of the curve with the next generation of AI-powered cybersecurity for operational technology.

The next generation of AI-powered analysis and response for critical infrastructure and industrial operations

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How Does Nozomi Vantage Work?

Nozomi Vantage receives network and endpoint data from Guardian, Arc or Central Management Consoles across sites, plants or facilities to consolidate monitoring processes and spot patterns, changes and emerging cyber threats.

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