Integrating IT, IoT and OT Security Efforts


Bringing IT Expertise Into My OT Security Program

OT knows how to meet production targets and keep the plant running. IT has the expertise to address networking and cybersecurity issues that are unfamiliar to ICS staff.

Wouldn’t it be great if your OT and IT teams worked together to build operational resiliency? Unfortunately, a report by Automation World found that less than eight percent of companies surveyed had combined the two departments, while twenty-four percent saw little to no interaction between them.

Yet collaboration between IT and OT is critical to reducing the blind spots and security risks surrounding highly connected industrial control systems. As “smart” factories leverage more IIoT technology, and OT networks become more connected to business networks and the cloud, the IT/OT divide will put your business at risk.


Aligning IT and OT With a Single Visibility and Security Solution

Nozomi Networks Solution: Easy IT/OT Integration Built-in support for many asset and identity management systems, firewalls, SIEMs and more makes it easy to integrate and share OT and IoT system information across IT/OT environments.

IT/OT alignment, paired with the right technology, can go a long way towards improving productivity and closing your security gaps. But bringing IT and OT together isn’t a simple task.

Fortunately, the Nozomi Networks solution was designed to fuel IT/OT collaboration.

In this single OT and IoT visibility and security solution, both IT and OT teams gain deep visibility into assets, and continuous monitoring for anomalies that could impact reliability or cybersecurity. Automated asset inventorying and vulnerability assessment not only save precious time, they act as building blocks for plant-wide resilience.

OT gives thumbs up to a non-intrusive solution that poses no risk to operations, while IT welcomes its ease of integration with other security and IT applications. In short, the Nozomi Networks solution provides a common platform that advances IT/OT convergence, and improves reliability and cybersecurity.

A Safe Solution for OT + Visibility & Detection for IT

Vantage integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure, easily sharing data with existing applications and assets. Integrating operational technology (OT) threat monitoring into your overall security mandate will go a long way towards improving enterprise-wide cyber resilience and operational reliability.

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