Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations


The Adoption of IoT Technology Creates New Visibility and Security Challenges

Pursuing Competitive Advantage

Industrial networks are rapidly adopting IoT technologies to reduce costs and deliver more value to customers. Unfortunately, this trend is creating new security challenges, as many organizations lack the ability to monitor and secure their IoT devices.

The risks will only increase over the next few years as industrial organizations deploy 5G with the capacity to support hundreds of thousands of IoT assets in their global operations.

Every OT Network Is An IoT Network

IoT usage is surging, expanding the attack surface and exponentially increasing the volume of devices and data that needs monitoring. Industrial organizations are finding it harder to scale, because their on-premises monitoring and security technologies lack the capacity to analyze the data generated by widespread deployment of IoT sensors.

Today, you can’t secure an OT network without also securing the IoT devices on it.

Mind the Gap

Most network monitoring and security controls used in OT environments were designed to analyze only the proprietary protocols and device behavior of OT assets. They weren’t built to monitor IoT protocols or behavior, and consequently provide only limited visibility and security for IoT assets on the network.

The deployment of IoT devices creates new challenges for security teams, including vulnerable firmware, weak default passwords, limited endpoint protection, and more.

Convergence Creates Risks

Ongoing OT/IT convergence is accelerating the consolidation of two formerly separate networks:

  • OT (the systems that monitor and control physical processes)
  • IT (the systems that transmit, manage, and store data)

This trend is increasing the access between OT networks and internet-facing IT networks. Centralized security and operations teams are finding it difficult to monitor these environments using technology designed either for IoT or IT. Unfortunately, bad actors are taking advantage of these security blind spots to target OT and IoT devices more frequently.


Unified IoT/OT Visibility and Security

Unified visibility and security for all IoT, OT, and IT assets on your OT network enables you to respond quickly to threats, risks, and anomalies.
Vantage Closes IoT Security Gaps

Nozomi Networks Vantage leverages the power and simplicity of software as a service (SaaS) to help you close IoT security gaps. It delivers unmatched security, visibility and scalability across your OT, IoT, and IT networks.

Unmatched Visibility

Vantage allows you to centrally monitor your networks without deploying agents. Our sensors detect and monitor the behavior of all OT, IoT and IT assets connected to your OT network, delivering critical visibility of every asset in your network.

Enhanced Security

You can protect any number of OT, IoT, IT, edge, and cloud assets, anywhere. The platform’s comprehensive approach unifies essential security technologies: vulnerability assessment, risk monitoring, anomaly and threat detection. The result is the detailed awareness of cyber threats, risks, and anomalies you need to detect and respond quickly and ensure cyber resilience.

Exceptional Scalability

The power of SaaS enables you to scale quickly with cloud-based management and analytics that support any size network any number of locations. The simplicity of SaaS enables you to consolidate all OT and IoT monitoring and security management into a single application, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Vantage makes it possible to realize the benefits of IoT devices and close IoT security gaps.

Unlimited IoT Use Cases in Every Industry

Increase productivity by measuring ground humidity, precipitation, and amount of sunlight.

Improve passenger experience by monitoring security queue and baggage handling; Reduce operational costs by optimizing fleet, power grid and building management.

Building Automation Management
Reduce costs by optimizing energy consumption and maintenance operations.

Reduce disruptions by monitoring every stage in the transmission and consumption of electricity, from substation to individual meter.

Transportation Fleet Management
Lower costs and reduce maintenance disruptions by monitoring fuel efficiency and engine performance; Improve safety record by monitoring driver behavior.

Reduce down time by monitoring raw material supply chains; Reduce maintenance-related disruptions by measuring equipment performance in production processes.

Reduce manufacturing disruptions by monitoring the production and distribution supply chain.

Oil & Gas
Reduce unplanned disruptions through improved monitoring of pumps and pipelines.

Improve the accuracy of ore data during drilling to increase production efficiency; Automate fleet operations with driverless trucks to haul ore.

Improve flow of containers by monitoring location of vehicles and goods, status of cargo, local terminal parking and traffic congestion.


Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations

The widespread deployment of IoT technologies is creating OT monitoring and security challenges. Business and security leaders should take action now to get ahead of the risks coming their way.

Download the 8-page executive brief Closing IoT Security Gaps in Your Operations to learn about:

  • How IoT technologies drive operational efficiencies and productivity
  • The transition of OT networks into IoT networks
  • The visibility, monitoring and security challenges created by IoT
  • Effective ways to close IoT security gaps

Breakthrough Anomaly Intelligence Accelerates Response

The Asset Intelligence service powers breakthrough anomaly detection for OT and IoT. It filters out alerts for benign behavior, reducing the volume of alerts requiring investigation and accelerating incident response.

Vantage leverages the power and simplicity of SaaS to deliver unmatched security and visibility to your OT, IoT and IT networks. Its scalability enables you to manage all your Guardian deployments and protect any number of locations from anywhere in the world.

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