Why Nozomi Networks?

We’re leveraging our cybersecurity knowledge and expertise to make the world a safer place.

Smart cities need an easy-to-deploy system that scales elegantly to cover any number of IoT, OT and IT, edge and cloud assets.

We Deliver Cybersecurity and Analytics for All Your Connected Devices

Only Nozomi Networks delivers accurate, actionable intelligence and protection for integrated OT and IoT security at scale. Our powerful platform leverages AI to deliver deep security and operational insights that empower teams to anticipate interruptions, diagnose anomalies and respond to risks.


As validated by the largest number of customer reviews on Gartner Peer Insights, we are the most trusted single source of truth for integrated OT and IT cybersecurity insights.

We Were Born in OT

From day one, Nozomi Networks solutions have been deeply rooted in addressing the complex requirements of industrial and critical infrastructure environments. As OT converges with the vastly different world of IT, that experience has given us a unique understanding of the tools and processes associated with the largest networks in the world. Today, we help minimize risk and maximize operational resilience by providing real-time asset visibility, threat detection and actionable intelligence that keeps you in control of your critical infrastructure.

We’ve earned a global reputation for unmatched service, superior operational visibility, advanced OT and IoT threat detection, and scalability across distributed environments.

We Deliver Actionable Intelligence for Today and Tomorrow

Accurate and in-depth asset discovery and threat detection combined with Nozomi Networks’ actionable intelligence helps you significantly improve OT, IoT, and ICS risk management—and maintain operational resilience over time.

AI-driven insights and in-depth root cause analysis give you the actionable intelligence you need to quickly detect threats and identify their underlying cause. Proactive threat intelligence and up-to-date knowledge of known vulnerabilities improve defenses.

Prioritized alerts accelerate response and guide remediation efforts. We don’t just show you the symptom that points to an issue, we help you anticipate problems, diagnose threats and respond quickly.

What Are the Benefits of Zero Trust Security?

We Are Zero Trust Brokers

Nozomi Networks supports zero trust security with contextual data for policy decisions, including endpoint posture checks, baseline monitoring and data about device roles. Our solutions also help automate zero trust policies and monitor for compliance.

Our platform provides:

  • Unmatched accuracy that enables you to quickly spot issues to accelerate investigation and response
  • A deep understanding of IT and OT protocols that facilitate the accurate detection and identification of any asset/device, OT or IoT, connected to the network
  • The most robust asset detection and intelligence engine in the industry that begins with a “never trust, always verify” approach by default
  • Proactive detection of communication and process anomalies to alert customers if an asset or device is in violation of a zero trust policy
  • Integration with third party identity and access management tools

We Know Your Industry Inside and Out

The world’s leading enterprises rely on Nozomi Networks to help them anticipate, diagnose and respond to security risks and operational process issues.

9 of the Top 20

Oil & Gas

7 of the Top 10


6 of the Top 10


5 of the Top 10


Plus hundreds of global deployments in:

An Outstanding Team of Security Researchers

Our Nozomi Networks Labs team is made up of highly respected threat hunters and security analysts who are dedicated to reducing cyber risk for industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. They responsibly disclose vulnerabilities and freely share their research findings and security tools with the global ICS security community.

We Are Chosen by the World’s Largest Ecosystem of Delivery Partners

Nozomi Networks is backed by the industry’s largest partner ecosystem. This includes global alliances with and strategic investments from the world’s leading IT security companies, industrial automation vendors and leading cloud providers.
Thousands of security and engineering professionals are Nozomi Networks-certified to deliver best-in-class cybersecurity solutions that address your specific needs. From in-depth OT/IoT network assessments that cover solution design, deployment, tuning and support, to fully managed platform, detection, analytics and response services, our partners are ready to help you bring your cybersecurity vision to life.

We Are Setting the Security Standards for OT & IoT

Since our inception, Nozomi Networks has played a leading role in organizations and industry groups dedicated to improving the security of critical infrastructure and industrial operations, including:

Founding Member: The Operational Technology Cybersecurity Coalition (OTCC)

It's an industry-wide effort defend our nation’s industrial control systems and critical infrastructure assets. The OTCC works with government and industry to advocate for vendor-neutral, interoperable, standards-based cybersecurity solutions. The OTCC works collaboratively with industry and government stakeholders on how to best deploy data-sharing solutions that enhance our country’s collective defense. Its efforts support the notion that competitive solutions promote innovation and strengthen our national security.

Contributing to Industry Information Sharing and Analysis Centers

Nozomi Networks is a working member of the E-ISAC and MTS-ISAC. We are a contributing member of ICSJWG. We regularly participate in open calls for comments, feedback, and input to standards and best practices routinely published and updated by official government agencies, public-private partnerships, and information sharing entities.

An Authorized CVE Numbering Authority

Nozomi Networks was the first OT & IoT security specialist to join the globally recognized CVE Program, assigning CVEs in the area of OT & IoT vulnerabilities. The CVE Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and operated by MITRE. It is the de facto international standard for identifying and naming cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

CISA JCDC-ICS Founding Partner

Nozomi Networks has partnered with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to build a Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) for ICS. The JCDC-ICS is working to enhance public-private partnerships across critical infrastructure and within sectors working daily to fortify their operations.

Founding Member ISA GCA

ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance is a collaborative forum to advance cybersecurity awareness, education, readiness, and knowledge sharing.

IEC Technical Committee 57

Defending today’s power systems is challenging because they typically use communication protocols optimized for bandwidth and efficiency, with little or no security protections. As a member of the IEC Technical Committee 57, Nozomi Networks is working to make power grids secure-by-design. Working Group 15 (WG15) was formed to evaluate the requirements from a technology perspective, and define a standard way to implement them.

Cyber Threat Alliance CTA logo

Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA)

The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) is a group of cybersecurity practitioners from organizations that have chosen to work together in good faith to share threat information for the purpose of improving defenses against advanced cyber adversaries across member organizations and their customers.

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