Solution Overview

Real-time Cybersecurity and Visibility for Industrial Control Networks

The Nozomi Networks solution improves ICS cyber resiliency and provides real-time operational visibility. Major customers have improved reliability, cybersecurity and operational efficiency using our technology.

Key Benefits

Rapidly Detect Cybersecurity Threats, Risks and Incidents
Significantly Reduce Troubleshooting
and Forensic Efforts
Quickly Recognize
Operational Anomalies
Centrally Supervise and Monitor Large,
Distributed Industrial Networks
Easily Track Industrial Assets
and Know Their Cybersecurity Risks
Confidently Deploy at Enterprise Scale
thanks to Proven Performance

“At Vermont Electric we need both operational visibility and cybersecurity protection for our critical operations systems. We’re working with Nozomi Networks because their deep industrial cybersecurity expertise is embedded in one clean, comprehensive solution.”


SCADA and Operations Engineering Manager, Vermont Electric

The Nozomi Networks Solution Architecture

  • Deep Packet Inspection & Protocol Analysis – Evaluates insecure ICS communications at all 7 layers of OSI model
  • Real-time Process Analytics Engine– Analyzes process control variables for indications of advanced malware activity and critical states that could impact reliability
  • SCADAguardian – Deploys as a secure appliance in industrial networks and passively analyzes traffic
  • Central Management Console (CMC) – Provides centralized and remote ICS visibility and actionable threat intelligence
  • Integrations – Enables easy integration with security infrastructure

Nozomi Networks Products

SCADAguardian is a physical or virtual appliance that provides real-time cybersecurity and operational visibility of industrial control networks. The Central Management Console (CMC) aggregates data from multiple sites, providing centralized and remote cybersecurity management.

Together they deliver comprehensive ICS cyber resilience and reliability.


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Learn how Nozomi Networks innovative solution for real-time ICS cybersecurity and operational visibility improves reliability.

Sample Deployment Architecture

Shown above is just one example of how the Nozomi Networks solution can be deployed. A wide variety of SCADAguardian appliances, a flexible architecture, and integrations with other systems allow us to provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

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