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Assessing My Pharmaceutical Cybersecurity Compliance Status


Assessing My Cybersecurity Compliance Status


How Exposed Are My Manufacturing Processes and Where Am I Most at Risk?

Pharma is a highly regulated industry when it comes to the quality and safety of products released to market.

For example, both US and European agencies publish guidelines for monitoring the efficacy of medicine and drugs in their region. Pharma companies also follow good manufacturing practices (GMP) and computer system validation (CSV) standards to audit production systems, adhere to regulatory guidelines and maintain consistent product quality.

Even so, a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment can be extremely complex, making it difficult to maintain standards. It typically contains thousands of connected devices, and the level of cyber-physical complexity increases when you layer in equipment used by service providers and partners.

Pharmaceutical companies are extremely concerned about the impact network changes and unauthorized access could have on standards compliance and production. Any change or new security measure – such as patching – has the potential to trigger system re-validation or disrupt processes and bring the plant to a standstill.

How can you preserve the integrity of your manufacturing process, keep production lines running and reduce your cyber risk?

Assessing Risk in My Manufacturing Environment

Using Automated Threat and Vulnerability Detection to Quickly Identify and Address Risks

The Nozomi Networks solution provides superior visibility into your OT network, continuous network monitoring and automated threat and vulnerability detection.

Immediate Network Visualization

Guardian automatically maps and visualizes your entire industrial network, including assets, connections and protocols. It monitors communications and behavior for risks that threaten the reliability of your systems, and provides the information you need to respond quickly.

Continuous Network and OT/IoT Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of assets and communication data is displayed in easy-to-understand dashboards and charts, with drilldown for detailed information. OT and IoT risk information is summarized based on alerts, incidents, vulnerabilities and more.

Rapid Threat and Vulnerability Detection

The Nozomi Networks solution uses multiple techniques to detect cybersecurity and process reliability threats in real-time. It combines signature-based threat detection with anomaly detection and vulnerability assessment to detect risks in the manufacturing environment.

Improved Operational Reliability

The solution helps you build cyber resiliency and improve operational reliability over time. For example, it identifies areas of poor cybersecurity hygiene, like weak passwords and open ports. It also monitors manufacturing processes for behavior changes that could be early indicators of problems such as equipment wear and tear.

Cyber threats of any type can compromise the validation of the manufacturing process, leading to recalls and regulatory sanctions.

Nozomi Networks visibility and anomaly detection helps reduce risk and facilitate proactive discussions around the best way to implement practical controls while minimizing impact to computer system validation.

Assessing Risk in My Manufacturing Environment with Vantage

Nozomi Networks Dashboard
The dashboard provides a customizable view of the network and security status, putting essential information at your fingertips.

Vantage - Assessing Risk in My Manufacturing Environment

Automated Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Vantage’s automated vulnerability assessment rapidly identifies which devices on the network are vulnerable, and provides the details needed to respond quickly. It also provides consolidated access to data from all deployments, making it easy to monitor and manage cybersecurity across distributed industrial sites.

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Assessing Risk in My Manufacturing Environment -  Vantage

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