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Production Line Downtime


Reducing Production Line Downtime


Preventing Loss of Production Capacity

Unplanned downtime happens for multiple reasons – a component breaks down from operating 24/7, a networking change impacts production lines, or a cyber incident disrupts communication.

Not only does it take time to understand and address problems that arise, you lose valuable production capacity. To mitigate risks like this, some manufacturers carry extra inventory just to cover potential downtime.

In the manufacturing business, time is money, so unplanned downtime and excess inventory can hit your bottom line hard. According to Gartner, that cost clocks in at somewhere between $300k – $500k an hour.

Imagine the benefits of proactively identifying potential equipment problems, and bringing your stock on hand down by 50% or more?


Using Anomaly Detection to Identify At-Risk Equipment Before It Fails

The Nozomi Networks solution tackles production line downtime head on with passive network monitoring and anomaly detection that identifies normal behavior and alerts you to deviations.

Baselining Variables

In the initial Dynamic Learning™ phase, the solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to observe your manufacturing network traffic and create asset and process baselines. It models behavior and correlates multiple types of data, including information about similar assets within the plant, to determine what normal activity looks like. 

Detecting Anomalies

In the second phase, monitoring, the solution automatically detects when a specific device or process is deviating from its baseline, and moving towards a state that could disrupt your factory. It uses advanced correlation and operational context to deliver a simple, consolidated view of what’s happening in your network, and proactively alert you that remediation may be necessary.

Anomaly detection significantly reduces troubleshooting efforts and enables you to take action before an equipment failure incident occurs.

Nozomi Networks Solution: OT Variable Alert
Unusual device or system behavior could lead to operational disruption and serious safety incidents.

Maximize Uptime and Revenue Generation

Vantage delivers superior system monitoring capabilities that help you proactively identify at-risk assets and processes, and maximize production uptime.

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