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Preventing Unplanned Downtime


Preventing Unplanned Downtime

Preventing Unplanned Downtime Due to Equipment Failure

When a PLC failed during custody transfer at a pipeline offload/onload facility, the terminal backed up, resulting in $1.9 million in lost revenue and downtime. Operators had noticed a slight change in operational values months before, but the degradation was so gradual that it was thought to be normal.

The PLC was experiencing “ghost drift”, where it slowly slipped out of scope over a long period time, hiding an impending failure that led to costly downtime.

An important part of downtime prevention involves determining normal values for asset behavior, and recognizing when they are moving towards a critical state.


Using Anomaly Detection to Identify Malfunctioning Devices Before They Fail


The Nozomi Networks solution tackles this common critical infrastructure challenge head on with automated network monitoring and anomaly detection. Our products learn normal asset and process behavior and alert you to deviations.

Baselining Variables

Upon deployment, the solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to observe network traffic and create asset and process baselines. It models behavior and correlates multiple types of data, including information about similar devices within the ecosystem, to determine what normal activity looks like.  

Detecting Anomalies

In the second protection phase, the solution automatically detects when a specific asset or process is deviating from its baseline, and moving towards a state that could disrupt operations. It then alerts you that it’s time to investigate. This significantly reduces troubleshooting efforts and enables you to take action before equipment failure incident occurs.


Real-time monitoring of devices and communications identifies assets that are behaving differently, and unusual process variable values that might indicate a reliability issue.

Faster Troubleshooting, Higher Reliability, Maximum Revenue Preservation

Guardian delivers superior network monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities that help you identify at-risk assets and processes, and avoid expensive operational downtime.

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