Rapidly Detect Malware and Hasten Incident Response


Quickly Detect and Disrupt Threats on Your Network Before Damage Occurs

Recent cybersecurity incidents such as SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange and Colonial Pipeline are a harsh reminder that U.S. public entities face malicious threats from nation-states and cyber criminals.

Advanced malware threats designed to steal information or interrupt operations typically go through lengthy infection, reconnaissance and lateral movement phases before executing their final attack.

To improve the detection of cybersecurity incidents on federal government networks, and take action before damage occurs, up-to-the-minute threat detection is needed.


Automated Threat and Anomaly Detection

Rapidly Identify Malware and Hasten Incident Response
The Nozomi Networks solution uses innovative and advanced technology to detect cyber threats, vulnerabilities, risks and anomalies. It results in:
  • Fast threat and anomaly detection
  • Proactive identification of unauthorized activity
  • Accelerated incident response by security staff
  • Rapid threat containment and remediation
An important part of being able to neutralize threats before disruption occurs involves early warning across all phases of an attack. Nozomi Networks uses a hybrid approach to detect malware at each attack phase. This includes behavior-based anomaly detection and multiple types of signature and rules-based detection. The solution alerts you to early-stage infection and reconnaissance activity and provides information that helps you act before malware strikes. Meanwhile, anomaly detection identifies new commands in the host network and generates precise alerts that include command sources. If a final attack does occur, it is quickly identified and an alert is sent out. New firewall rules can be quickly created, or other actions taken to stop further attack commands. Thanks to integration with multiple firewalls, the solution can go beyond detection to tackle prevention. It automatically triggers the implementation of rules that block an attack upon detection of irregular commands. During and after a cyber incident, the Nozomi Networks solution enables rapid forensic analysis with correlated alerts that provide operational and security context. Automatic packet captures, Time Machine™ before and after system snapshots, and a powerful ad hoc query tool all help security staff get answers fast.

Stay Up-to-Date on Emerging Threats with Threat Intelligence

The Threat Intelligence service continuously updates the Nozomi Networks solution with rich data and analysis so you can detect and respond to emerging malware and vulnerabilities faster.
Threat information is correlated with broader environmental behavior to deliver maximum security and operational insight.

Accelerate Incident Response with Asset Intelligence

The Asset Intelligence service delivers ongoing OT and IoT asset intelligence for faster and more accurate anomaly detection. It allows the Nozomi Networks solution to understand normal behavior for assets with frequent behavior changes, eliminating alerts for benign anomalies.

The outcome is improved response time and productivity, with precise alerts that are easy to prioritize.

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