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Be Ready to Respond at a Moment's Notice

Even with preparation and protection, it’s not a matter of if an issue will happen, it’s a matter of when. Unfortunately, security breaches and process outages happen to even the most sophisticated and prepared organizations. To help your team respond, you need actionable intelligence to address the problem with minimum cost and impact to your operations. Nozomi Networks puts all that information and insight right at your fingertips, so you can quickly remediate issues, do further research, and guide or coordinate an appropriate response.

Our platform aggregates the enormous amount of data generated by devices and network traffic across the organization and over time. In fact, we can do this at nearly infinite scale thanks to Vantage, our elastic cloud offering. Making this data available, useful and accessible from different angles is the power of the platform’s user interface design, alert dashboards, query capabilities and forensic tools.

Prepare For a Breach Before It Happens

Nozomi Networks dashboards are designed to provide a high-level, actionable view of events, systems, assets, security issues and alerts across the enterprise. We filter this enormous amount of information while keeping it organized and accessible – saving time and effort for your admin teams, while allowing them to focus on critical issues. Our solution allows you to:

  • Build queries across the environment to quickly isolate vulnerabilities and incidents, or identify and inventory assets

  • Easily generate report for turn-key, repeatable forensic or compliance reporting efforts

  • Consolidate repeatable or common query and report combinations into Content Packs, or leverage existing Content Packs provided by Nozomi Networks and our partners

  • Respond effectively through our partnerships

Playbooks Guide Response and Remediation

Playbooks are critical to coordinating a rapid response to an incident or outage. We’ll help you import or design your own security playbooks within the Nozomi Networks system. This allows you to define the process for remediation steps for any type of incident. Our playbook feature also allows customization of playbook steps to include specific admins or executives based on incident type or location. Organizations can track playbook steps to coordinate incident response as a workflow and integrate it with ticketing systems.

The solution also includes a Time Machine feature, which allows users to replay network events around an incident to help isolate the root cause and visualize the impact to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

With our AI-driven insights and root cause analysis, we can provide actionable intelligence to identify root cause, accelerate response or guide remediation efforts. We don’t just show you the symptom that points to an issue, we help you respond in real-time.

Partners Enable Integration Success

The Nozomi Networks certified partner integration program is designed to facilitate the deployment of our advanced visibility and threat detection solution in combination with other proven technologies. Partner solutions are certified for performance and interoperability to ensure successful deployments without unnecessary costs.

Partner solutions include:

  • Network Gateways that accept threat and anomaly details from Nozomi Networks for automated policy updates
  • Firewalls that block network traffic from suspect devices and implement network segmentation to control breaches
  • Aggregated IT/OT dashboards and asset management platforms that ensure seamless management of all network devices and alerts

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