Cybersecurity for
Data Centers

Why Is Data Center
Cybersecurity Important?

As data center consolidation increases, and more organizations move applications to cloud providers, the data center has become a high value target for increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks. In addition to attacking servers and applications directly, the data center infrastructure has become a prime target to disrupt operations and increase the likelihood of widespread outages, making data center cybersecurity a critical component of every risk management program.

Along with housing their own environmental and safety systems for the operation and protection of the data center itself — HVAC, power, UPS, monitoring and fire suppression systems — data centers also store both customers’ and organizations’ confidential data. With one cyberattack, hackers can easily cripple hundreds or thousands of systems, applications and services.

Why Is Data Center Cybersecurity Important?

Data Centers are a Cyber Criminal’s Paradise

Today’s data centers use smart, connected devices to manage everything from the temperature and power to surveillance systems, which can be exploited by hackers to disrupt and damage critical operations. To exacerbate the issue, IoT devices often lack basic cybersecurity features, making them easy targets for malicious bad actors. The increase in the number of IoT and OT devices means more endpoints and entry points onto the network — creating a larger attack surface. If the device is connected, it’s vulnerable.

To shore up data center defenses, administrators need visibility into all industrial, building automation and virtual assets on the network in order to diagnose threats, quickly identify vulnerabilities, and remediate incidents before they disrupt critical operations. And they need a system that can operate at the scale of today’s large data centers and cloud hosting facilities.
The Nozomi Networks platform enables administrators to gain visibility into their data center infrastructure and diagnose threats and anomalies. It also provides actionable intelligence to allow quick response to critical OT and IoT security breaches to protect your data center and its confidential data, and to keep it running smoothly. 
Portion of interactive Network Visualization Graph.
Network Visualization View displays all assets communicating on your network for real-time awareness.

Benefits of Nozomi Networks Data Center Cybersecurity Platform

Gain Visibility of Assets
on Your Network

Knowing what assets are on your network is critical to anticipating risks:

  • Passively discover OT and IoT assets without disrupting critical processes, triggering alarms or generating additional traffic.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of all devices and traffic patterns, so you can quickly identify anomalies and incidents.
  • Access Nozomi Networks’ extensive database of known vulnerabilities from around the world to identify risks in your environment and prioritize patch releases.
  • Prioritize remediation efforts with workbooks that highlight the most critical endpoint vulnerabilities.
Cybersecurity for Data Centers gain visibility
Cybersecurity for Data Centers diagnose threats

Diagnose Threats and Anomalies

Nozomi Networks’ industry-leading AI engine diagnoses root cause to help remediate incidents faster:

  • Compare network traffic and process trends over time to identify potential threats and keep systems running uninterrupted.
  • Eliminate false alerts and gain deeper insights into trends based on learned behaviors.
  • Stay up to date with emerging malware and indicators of compromise (IOC) against IoT systems and industrial processes.
  • Detect more threats for more devices with the industry’s widest range of industrial device and protocol coverage.

Address Issues with
Actionable Intelligence

When it’s time to respond to a security breach or a process control issue, Nozomi Networks provides actionable intelligence to address the problem with minimal costs and impact on your operations. We help guide remediation efforts around identified issues and provide forensic tools to quickly further your research efforts:

  • Time Machine replays network events around an incident to isolate the root cause and visualize the impact to critical operations.
  • High level dashboards provide view of systems, assets and security issues across your data centers.
  • Easily generate reports for turnkey, repeatable forensic or compliance reporting needs.
  • Predefined playbooks help to coordinate a rapid response to an outage.
Cybersecurity for Data Centers address issues
Data Centers Are Migrating To the Cloud – Is Your OT Security Infrastructure Ready?
Play Video about Data Centers Are Migrating To the Cloud – Is Your OT Security Infrastructure Ready?

Data Centers Are Migrating To the Cloud – Is Your OT Security Infrastructure Ready?

As global data centers become faster, more efficient and smarter, they will continue to be lucrative targets for cyberattacks. The Nozomi Networks Platform is designed to help data center administrators anticipate, diagnose and respond to the ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape against often overlooked industrial control and building automation systems to help unify your cybersecurity efforts at scale.

Sample Deployment Architecture for Data Centers

IoT Daily Life Data Centers Diagram
Nozomi Networks Deployment for Data Center Cybersecurity

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