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Cyber threats against industrial manufacturing are escalating as more and more connected systems create larger attack surfaces. As the leading provider of OT & IoT visibility and security solutions for industrial manufacturers, Nozomi Networks can help protect your vulnerable manufacturing environment. Our deep manufacturing cybersecurity expertise and extensive protocol support provides more asset coverage than any other solution provider. And our highly accurate detection of cyber threats, risks and anomalies improves operational resilience, no matter the age of the facility or scale of the challenge.
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“Great Solutions for ICS.”

“Increase OT cybersecurity posture through network visibility.”

Why Is Manufacturing Cybersecurity So Challenging?

Legacy Manufacturing Devices Were Designed for Reliability, Not Security

Traditional ICS devices like those used in critical manufacturing usually have decades-long lifecycles. They’re purpose-built, stand-alone systems designed for reliability rather than security. They often run stripped-down versions of operating systems and communicate using proprietary or industrial protocols that lack security features. Furthermore, they’re often sensitive to changes in network traffic or firmware, making many IT security tools unsafe to use.

Network Segmentation and Zero Trust Have Been Slow to Come to Manufacturing

Over 70% of manufacturers are engaged in a Smart Factory journey to improve competitiveness and efficiency. The resulting integration of ICS with business networks and internet-based applications vastly increases the attack surface at production facilities.

At the same time, ICS network administrators are reluctant to deploy traditional IT cybersecurity techniques such as network segmentation or zero trust solutions. They’re concerned about adding complexity and overhead to cyber-physical process management, and introducing risks to production uptime and safety.

IoT Devices Proliferate and Have Cybersecurity Challenges Too

Millions of IoT devices are being added to industrial manufacturing networks to reduce costs and deliver more value to customers. They’re also being added to networks needed to keep facilities operating, including access control, fire, lighting and HVAC systems.
Like legacy ICS devices, many IoT devices have lightweight, stripped-down operating systems that lack common security features. Their firmware is rarely updated yet they’re frequently connected to other systems and provide an easy target for hackers.

The inherent characteristics of these systems and facilities make cybersecurity in manufacturing challenging. It takes substantive industry expertise to do this properly–capabilities built-in to the Nozomi Networks solution.

[In 2021, the second] highest number of ransomware-associated data extortion operations was the manufacturing sector (228 incidents).

The manufacturing industry is particularly vulnerable to ransomware operations. Not only does the industry suffer the normal consequences of a ransomware infection, but a disruption in day-to-day operations would greatly affect the core business if a company were unable to meet production demands due to system outages.

Source: Crowdstrike 2021 Global Threat Report

COMPANY: Reckitt Benckiser

SECTOR: Manufacuring


COST: $117M

Lost sales, compromised data, software and equipment damage.

Source: The Aptean 2022 Manufacturing Forecast

SECTOR: Pharma
COST: $670M

Lost sales, compromised data, software and equipment damage.

Source: “How much did a cyberattack cost Reckitt Benckiser? Try $117 million,” July 6, 2017, AdAge.

Manufacturing Cybersecurity Starts with Visibility.

Good security starts with great visibility. Nozomi Networks leads the industry in OT/IoT/IT visibility and protocol coverage.

As you digitally transform your business, you’re faced with a vast quantity of operational assets in manufacturing networks that must be identified, monitored and secured. Where do you start?

  • The first step is to identify and locate all your assets. The Nozomi Networks solution automates asset inventory, no matter the vendor, and delivers the most extensive and accurate asset coverage. We save you time and money by eliminating manual data collection and providing continuous data vs. snapshots of data.
  • In addition to asset identification, Nozomi Networks improves your situational awareness by creating a live interactive visualization of your industrial manufacturing network. It shows the entire OT/IoT/IT environment – and is easily explored to show network segmentation, data flows, protocols and more.
  • A clear view of all manufacturing assets and networks eliminates cybersecurity blind spots. The Nozomi Networks solution also provides visibility into your global manufacturing ecosystem and its risks in a single pane of glass, allowing you to make informed, prioritized decisions that efficiently mitigate vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.

Visibility drives confidence.

  • The manufacturing and OT/IoT expertise built-in to the Nozomi Networks solution dramatically improves visibility – thereby improving risk management across all your manufacturing facilities.
Vantage Assets View summarizes all asset activity on your network for rapid assessment.
Portion of interactive Network Visualization Graph.
Network Visualization View displays all assets communicating on your network for real-time awareness.

Smart Cybersecurity for Smart Factories

Vantage Workbooks show which vulnerabilities create the highest risk exposure and how to prioritize efforts for the greatest impact.
Vantage Workbooks show which vulnerabilities create the highest risk exposure and how to prioritize efforts for the greatest impact.
Vantage Alerts and Playbooks script guided remediation efforts to accelerate response.
Vantage Alerts and Playbooks script guided remediation efforts to accelerate response.

Digital transformation is great. Its expanded cyberattack surface is not. Here’s how to efficiently tackle it.

Industry 4.0 opens opportunities, but also makes your facilities more vulnerable to cyber threats. Recently, manufacturing has been one of the top targets of ransomware gangs. This puts organizations such as yours at risk of data extortion and disruption of day-to-day operations.

The Nozomi Networks solution detects cyberattacks more effectively than other solutions by combining multiple types of OT and IoT threat detection. It correlates alerts and combines them with an understanding of your manufacturing process to deliver actionable intelligence that helps you respond faster.

To improve cyber resiliency and meet compliance regulations or best practices, our solution identifies cyber risks that threaten security. This includes hygiene items like open ports and weak passwords, and activity such as new nodes and policy violations.

It’s one thing to identify threats and risks, but how do you deal with it all? Nozomi Networks helps you respond efficiently to IT/OT incidents with actionable intelligence that leads to swift, precise remediation. It also provides rigorous forensic timeline analysis for incident insights and port-mortems.

Holistic integration with IT systems and workflows further enhances efficiency and helps your teams understand how IT and OT risks are connected.

Nozomi Networks helps you assess and address cyber and operational risk for manufacturing facilities, thus improving risk management.

The Need for Operational Reliability

Manufacturing facilities are the centers of value creation for your organization. Keeping them running is vital to ensuring business continuity.

  • In today’s world of fast changing threats and supply chain challenges, operational reliability is a must. Furthermore, the competitive landscape puts immense pressure on factories to improve uptime and quality.

Detecting Process Anomalies and Failing Equipment in Industrial Manufacturing

  • The Nozomi Networks solution tackles production line downtime head on with passive network monitoring and anomaly detection that identifies normal behavior and alerts you to deviations that could disrupt your factory.
  • Examples include detecting a piece of equipment that’s slipping out of scope – before it fails. Or identifying an operational variable with a value never seen before – one that might be related to a process problem or malicious attack, and requires urgent investigation.

Monitoring Stability

  • Another aspect of reliability is stability. For example, is an asset operating? Is a device struggling to respond? What is its retransmit level? Is there a resource usage anomaly, indicative of a problem? Are there networking issues?
  • The Nozomi Networks solution generates alerts on these incidents and provides the tools to efficiently troubleshoot and remediate them.

A solution that provides reliability benefits for OT and security benefits for IT improves IT/OT collaboration. It reduces security gaps and improves operational resilience.

Network Visualization View is set to display problematic links. It shows a HMI asset with a high retransmit rate, indicating a network problem that could impact production stability.
Nozomi Networks solution: OT variable alerts—unusual device or system behavior could lead to operational disruption and serious safety incidents.

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