Cybersecurity Solutions for the
Maritime Industry

As port and shipping companies become more connected and autonomous, they must be able to quickly identify and respond to maritime cybersecurity risks.

Challenges & Trends in Maritime Cybersecurity:

  • Expanding digitalization
    The growing use of connected cyber-physical systems in ports and on ships creates an expanded threat landscape that’s attractive for bad actors
  • Growing number of cyberattacks
    There has been a 400% rise in attempted cyberattacks in the maritime sector since February 2020, and attacks on operational technology (OT) in shipping vessels has increased by 900% in the last three years.
  • Increasing cybersecurity regulations, guidelines and mandates
    Cyber regulations continue to evolve, including the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Resolution MSC.428(98) and the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG) NVIC.
  • Pressure from insurers
    Shipping and cruise companies may have difficulties obtaining insurance coverage without adequate protection from cyber risk. 
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Nozomi Networks' Maritime Cybersecurity Solution


The Nozomi Networks platform anticipates cybersecurity risks within your shipping fleet/port operational equipment through asset intelligence, vulnerability assessments and anomaly detection. Our passive asset discovery delivers prioritized risk assessments and alerts. Insight into your network traffic makes quickly exposes vulnerabilities to help you focus cyber risk management and compliance efforts. 


Single Asset View with extensive information.
Single Asset View with extensive information.
Diagnose Nozomi Networks Security Control Panel
Diagnose cybersecurity and operational issues with actionable intelligence.


Nozomi Networks applies its AI/ML engine to deliver industry-leading insights and analytics. Benefit from up-to-date threat intelligence data while customized content packs deliver immediate security or compliance assessments. Our diagnostics capability provides you with the actionable intelligence to keep your systems reliable and secure and help guide any remediation efforts.



Nozomi Networks provides actionable intelligence to quickly address security and operational issues. Our dashboards, query capabilities and forensic tools identify root causes, filter out unimportant information and facilitate compliance reporting. Playbooks keep you focused on what matters to help coordinate remediation efforts across teams.



Vantage Alerts and Playbooks script guided remediation efforts to accelerate response.
Vantage Alerts and Playbooks script guided remediation efforts to accelerate response.

Why Nozomi Networks?

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Protocols to support radar systems, radio systems, GPS systems and management systems

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Detection of Cyber Threats

Industry-leading, high-accuracy detection of cyber threats and operation anomalies

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Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing and attractive subscription packages for both cloud and on-premise solutions

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Guardian sensors

Guardian sensors are easy to install while the ships are in ports

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Centralized security visibility

Centralized security visibility at scale for dispersed and diverse operation centers and fleets

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Ruggedized sensors

Ruggedized sensors for real-time OT/IoT visibility, cybersecurity and monitoring, certified for use on ships and sturdy enough to use on cranes

Sample Deployment Architecture for Maritime

Nozomi Networks’ flexible, scalable architecture and integrations make it easy to tailor our solution for your unique environment.

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