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Gaining Visibility into a Fragmented Supply Chain

The Challenge

Staying on Top of a Multi-Channel Supply Chain and Decentralized Infrastructure

Pharmaceutical companies have embraced digital transformation and acquisitions as a path to innovation and efficiency. And, in an effort to reduce supply chain costs and accommodate fluctuating demand, they are also outsourcing operations.

As the industry flexes to find synergies, a complex web of operational processes, networks and data flow emerges.

This leads to process and asset visibility challenges and a larger attack surface, increasing pharma’s vulnerability to cyber threats. Given multiple pressure points, there is a new sense of urgency within the sector to better protect valuable data and production processes.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need a comprehensive security solution that has the ability to automatically inventory industrial assets and provide visibility into the entire ICS. This is the first step to building a stronger cyber security posture.

The Solution

Using Real-time Network Visualization to Improve Pharma System Awareness

The Nozomi Networks solution addresses common operational visibility challenges through real-time network visualization and monitoring.

As soon as it’s deployed, Guardian begins analyzing your network traffic, using the data to build a live, interactive visualization of your operational systems. The breadth and depth of information is often surprising, giving you visibility into aspects of the ICS you weren’t previously aware of.

An extensive amount of useful information is available, including:

  • A macro view of the entire industrial control network, that is easily changed to show zones, topology, nodes, links, sessions, and traffic
  • The ability to navigate and filter by different subnets and network segments
  • The role of each node and the traffic between nodes
  • The protocols used to communicate between nodes and between zones
  • Network traffic information such as throughput, protocols and open TCP connections
  • The detailed attributes of endpoints and connections

The Nozomi Networks solution provides comprehensive visibility into your industrial network and ICS assets. It helps you manage and monitor your processes in a highly efficient way, identifying risks to reliability and making it easy to troubleshoot problems. Device visibility is a key foundation for improving cyber security.

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Within minutes of deployment, Guardian builds an asset inventory, and visualizes your pharmaceutical operational network, often revealing aspects you weren’t previously aware of.

Immediately Visualize Your Industrial Network

Guardian’s real-time network visualization capabilities improve system awareness and understanding of the network structure and activity. Automatic tracking of industrial assets, including detailed and verified device information, is the first step towards building better cyber resiliency.

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