Complying with the NERC CIP Regulations


The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) plan is a set of evolving regulatory standards adopted in 2006 aimed at regulating, enforcing, and monitoring the security of the Bulk Electric System (BES) in North America. NERC is certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as the body that establishes and enforces these reliability standards.

The NERC CIP compliance standards include many of the same common cybersecurity practices as other frameworks, such as NIST CSF or IEC 62443. However, they are more prescriptive and are enforceable by fines for non-compliance on the BES operators which are subject to them.

NERC CIP compliance- BES environment

Which NERC CIP Compliance Requirements Does Nozomi Networks Support?

Our solution supports eleven CIP requirements completely or partially.

CIP 002 5.1a
CIP 003 8
CIP 004 6
CIP 005 7
CIP 006 6
CIP 007 6
CIP 008 6
CIP 009 6
CIP 010 4
CIP 011 2
CIP 012 1
CIP 013 2 1

BES Cyber System Categorization

Security Management Controls

Personnel & Training

Electronic Security Perimeter(s)

Physical Security of BES Cyber Systems

System Security Management

Incident Reporting and Response Planning

Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems

Configuration Change Management and Vulnerability Assessments

Information Protection

Communications between Control Centers

Supply Chain Risk Management

How Does Nozomi Networks Support NERC CIP Compliance?

Asset Visibility & Vulnerability Assessment

Nozomi Networks’ automated asset identification saves time and helps achieve a centralized view of your ICS and its related assets.
Nozomi Networks’ comprehensive vulnerability analysis supports prioritized and efficient risk reduction efforts with actionable insights on remediation steps, patches and upgrades.
Vantage Workbooks show which vulnerabilities create the highest risk exposure and how to prioritize efforts for the greatest impact.
View all asset and vulnerability data in one place.
Vantage-Malware Detection
Detect cybersecurity and operational issues and respond with actionable intelligence.

Network Monitoring & Threat Detection

Our AI-driven network monitoring and threat detection quickly identifies any anomalous activity within a CIP-networked environment to meet NERC’s new internal network security monitoring (INSM) requirements.

Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards, query capabilities and forensic tools identify root causes, enhance incident response efforts and facilitate NERC CIP compliance reporting.

Our content packs feature makes it easy to prove compliance with regulatory standards, including NERC CIP.

Nozomi Networks Dashboard view
Customizable dashboards to stay focused on what matters.

Why Choose Nozomi Networks for NERC CIP Compliance?


We truly value our customers and take pride in having the industry's highest customer retention rate. But don’t take our word for it. Read why our customers rank us #1 on Gartner Peer Reviews here.

Accuracy & Depth

Our high-accuracy asset intelligence and security data delivers the insights that matter to our customers. Our solution supports hundreds of protocols for passive discovery, as well as smart polling and an endpoint security sensor, making the flexibility and depth of our asset inventory and anomaly detection capabilities unmatched.

Robust Data Reporting

Our Dashboards and Content Packs allow users to quickly create a shareable format for the data they need to meet and prove compliance with regulatory standards, including NERC CIP.

Expertise in Electricity Sector

Electric utilities around the world rely on us to keep their energy infrastructure reliable and secure, with 5 of the top 10 electric utilities selecting Nozomi Networks as their OT cybersecurity and compliance partner.


Cybersecurity for Electric Utilities


Vermont Electric Power

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Dashboards & Content Packs

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