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Industrial Strength OT and IoT
Security and Visibility


Industrial Strength OT and IoT Security and Visibility

Nozomi Networks Guardian™ unlocks visibility across OT, IoT, and IT for accelerated security and digital transformation.

Its physical or virtual appliances monitor network communications and device behavior, delivering instant awareness of your OT/IoT network and its activity patterns. You see the highest priority vulnerabilities as well as threats and anomalous behavior, enabling you to respond faster, ensuring high reliability and security.

Guardian reduces OT risks for the largest critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation and other OT sites around the world.


Asset Discovery and Network Visualization


Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Monitoring


Real-time Anomaly and Threat Detection


Focused Risk Information and Time-Saving Response Tools


Unified Security for Thousands of Distributed Sites

Flexible Deployment Options

You can deploy the Nozomi Networks solution in a wide variety of mixed environments for rapid asset discovery, network visualization and accelerated security.

You can tailor the Nozomi Networks solution to meet your needs by utilizing its flexible architecture, extensive range of appliances, and integrations with other systems.


Enhance Guardian for Expanded Visibility and Threat Detection


Threat Intelligence

The Threat Intelligence subscription delivers ongoing OT and IoT threat and vulnerability insights for rapid detection, containment and mitigation of risks.

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Asset Intelligence

The Asset Intelligence subscription delivers ongoing asset profiles for accurate anomaly detection in mixed environments. It results in focused, actionable alerts that speed incident response and enhance productivity.

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Smart Polling

Smart Polling™ extends Guardian’s built-in asset discovery functionality with active capabilities that deliver comprehensive and precise details about each asset in your network.

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Remote Collectors

Low-resource appliances that collect asset and network data in remote locations and send it to Guardian for further analysis.

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Guardian Tech Specs




Nozomi Networks Overview with Product Demo


Threat Intelligence


Asset Intelligence


Remote Access Monitoring

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Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Monitoring

Rapidly Identify Your Vulnerability Risks

Automated Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies which vendors’ devices are vulnerable

Utilizes the U.S. government’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) for standardized naming, description and scoring

Efficient Prioritization and Remediation

Speeds response with vulnerability dashboards, drilldowns and reports

Answers questions like:

  • “Are my ABC devices running vulnerable firmware?”
  • “Are assets from Vendor X vulnerable?”

List showing the vulnerabilities for a facility’s assets.

Continuously Monitor Your Network and Automation Systems

Comprehensive Cybersecurity and Reliability Monitoring

Monitors assets from all vendors and network communications

Displays summarized data related to alerts, incidents, vulnerabilities, compliance, etc.

Highlights indicators of reliability issues, such as unusual process values

Easy Access to OT Data

Summarizes OT and IoT risk information for customizable date and time ranges

Supports drilldown on visual indicators for more detailed information

Queries any aspect of your network or control system performance, reducing data collection and spreadsheet work

Portion of customizable Guardian Dashboard.


Time-Saving Dashboards and Forensic Tools

Significantly Improve OT and IoT Risk Management

Dashboards and Reports Highlight Risks

Focuses attention on key concerns by summarizing risks and threats

Answers vital questions like:

  • “What IoT assets do we have?”
  • “What are they doing?”
  • “What risks do they pose to my organization?”
Detailed Alerts Provide Key Information

Generates detailed, accurate alerts

Identifies security and reliability risks

Groups alerts into incidents, providing security and operations staff with a simple, clear, consolidated view of what’s happening on their network

Customizable reports summarize risks, assets and alerts.

Greatly Reduce Troubleshooting and Forensic Efforts

Accelerated Incident Response

Combines Guardian’s breakthrough anomaly detection for OT and IoT with the Asset Intelligence™ service for focused, actionable alerts

Understands normal behavior for devices with frequent behavior changes, eliminating alerts for benign anomalies

Improves MTTR and productivity with precise alerts that are easy to prioritize

Fast Forensic Analysis

Focuses effort with Smart Incidents™ that

  • Correlate and consolidate alerts
  • Provide operational and security context
  • Supply automatic packet captures

Decodes incidents with Time Machine™ before and after system snapshots

Provides answers fast with a powerful ad hoc query tool

Smart Incident showing related alerts and security context.