Nozomi Networks Named the Leader in the Frost Radar for OT Cybersecurity Solutions

Nozomi Networks Named the Leader in the Frost Radar for OT Cybersecurity Solutions

Today’s evolving threat landscape is focusing every organization to better understand their cyber risk and find effective ways to stay ahead of attackers. When it comes to OT cybersecurity, it’s no longer just about getting visibility and a handle on operational networks and digital sprawl. CISOs and their teams need to be able to take proactive remediation measures when the first sign of a threat is found.

According to the latest Frost Radar: Operational Technology Cybersecurity Solutions 2023 report, Nozomi Networks is leading the way when it comes to protecting critical infrastructure and moving the industry forward. The report recognizes Nozomi Networks as the leader in Global OT Cybersecurity and the only vendor with perfect scores in both of Frost Radar categories for innovation and growth.  

The demand for OT cybersecurity continues to grow and evolve as more businesses are realizing that OT cybersecurity solutions not only protect their operations but mitigate risks that are already in their digital and wireless environments. According to this latest Frost Radar: “With more market verticals embracing OT cybersecurity solutions, spending on these solutions was $5.27 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $38.87 billion globally by 2030.”

Evaluating global OT cybersecurity excellence

From a competitive landscape of more than 100 vendors, Frost & Sullivan selected 17 who offer comprehensive platforms for customers across multiple industries to help them understand their current operational landscape and equip them with the tools to detect and mitigate threats in real-time. Their analysis considers two main metrics that define an OT cybersecurity leader:

  • A Growth Index, calculated from the company’s growth performance, history of success, continued growth strategy, sales pipeline and effective sales and marketing strategies, and;
  • An Innovation Index, which measures a company’s ability to develop products and services that are globally applicable and can evolve and expand to serve multiple markets as well as align to customers’ changing needs.

Why Nozomi Networks is the leader on OT cybersecurity

Leading all 17 vendors on the Frost Radar, Nozomi Networks achieves a perfect score (5 out of 5) in both innovation and growth because of its impressive year-over-year revenue growth, strong brand presence through partnerships and thought leadership, and a regular cadence of updates and capability enhancements to its Vantage, Arc, and Guardian solutions.

Nozomi Networks achieves a perfect score (5 out of 5) in both innovation and growth on the Frost Radar.

Frost & Sullivan’s analysis highlights Nozomi Networks’ strong potential for continued growth as we help customers and shape industry best practices:

“Nozomi Networks is staking its market leadership through its solution portfolio and is core to many ongoing leadership activities across the industry.”

The report not only acknowledges that Nozomi Networks was among the first vendors to build up the OT cybersecurity industry to what it is today but notes that we continue to focus on critical infrastructure organizations that need to secure their vital OT networks and systems, even before they realize the risks they’re facing.

More reasons Nozomi Networks came out on top:

The report notes the breadth of the Nozomi Networks portfolio and ability to meet customer needs across all critical infrastructure sectors. We offer multiple visibility and threat detection solutions that can fit into any customer environment and a range of threat visibility, detection, mitigation, configuration management, and policy compliance measures requested by customers.

Vantage, Nozomi Networks’ cloud-based platform for OT and IoT risk management and configuration, offers the latest in AI-assisted threat intelligence, managed detection and response functions, and internal policy management tools to enhance operational resilience. Guardian provides the network visibility and comprehensive asset inventory necessary for compliance and risk assessment procedures. In contrast, the Nozomi Central Management Console provides an on-premises operational risk management and resilience platform to customers needing to manage their architecture on-site.

We also receive credit in the report for the modularity of the Nozomi Networks platform, which allows customers to build a combination of components that fit their operational environment. Additional platform suites include Nozomi Arc, which extends visibility and asset management tasks to the endpoint level; Vantage IQ, which offers AI- powered analysis and response capabilities to Vantage customers, serving as a force multiplier for security teams; Asset and Threat Intelligence modules to provide additional context behind common attack vectors or vulnerabilities active today; and Smart Polling functionality to conduct active polling of suspected devices or vulnerable assets to determine their risk.

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