Nozomi Networks & Zscaler Deliver Zero Trust Remote Access Solution

Nozomi Networks & Zscaler Deliver Zero Trust Remote Access Solution

Zscaler and Nozomi Networks are working together to give enterprise customers the opportunity to apply true zero trust principles to their Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial / Internet of Things (IIoT, IoT) security solutions.

Today, plant operations and OT system owners need a capability to execute outcomes with a workforce that could be located anywhere. Cloud-delivered, zero-trust-based secure remote access (SRA) is key to providing the cybersecurity and resiliency that legacy approaches simply do not guarantee.

Traditional VPN-based solutions connecting employees and third parties to OT environments introduce significant security risks and complexity. Unplanned downtime from cybersecurity incidents or network outages can cause serious harm to plants and personnel, in addition to revenue loss and/or reputational impact.

Why Nozomi Networks and Zscaler?

Now, with Nozomi Networks and Zscaler together, businesses have the opportunity to increase productivity and uptime. Choosing a fully cloud-delivered OT/IoT security monitoring and zero trust remote access solution ensures ease of access anywhere in the world. At the same time, the solution eliminates the attack surface and significantly reduces the risk of a cyberattack.

Nozomi Networks is a market-leading OT/IoT cybersecurity provider. This collaboration delivers best-of-breed, holistic and cutting edge cloud-delivered OT security solutions to the Zscaler customer base. With Zscaler Private Access, admins can remotely access the full Nozomi Networks solution including Guardian sensors, the Vantage cloud-based management console, or the on-premises Central Management Console. Nozomi Networks’ solution portfolio provides Zscaler customers the following ‘better together’ differentiated benefits:

  • Visibility – see all assets and behavior on your OT and IoT networks, yielding unmatched contextual awareness
  • Inspection – detect cyber threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and anomalies with actionable analytics for faster response
  • Integration – unify security, visibility and monitoring across all your assets for improved resiliency

When it comes to remote access, there is a balancing act of safety, productivity, and cybersecurity risk. Even the slightest oversight can open the door to cyber risks that could damage staff, reputation, revenue, and more. However, if the systems are too restrictive, outside staff cannot operate the same way they did from the office. The new reality is that remote access is now a requirement for OT and IoT networks. Nozomi Networks and Zscaler work together to achieve zero trust best practice.

The Zscaler Advantage

With over 15 years’ experience in securing and managing complex enterprise environments and applications, Zscaler brings the ultimate zero trust benefits to Nozomi Networks customers. OT customer use cases include predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics that improve plant uptime, OEM remote access for device servicing, and third-party access to OT systems. And, most importantly, Zscaler’s cloud-native proxy architecture eliminates unnecessary exposure. Further zero trust benefits of Zscaler include:

  • Zero attack surface – apps are never exposed to the internet; you can’t attack what you can’t see
  • Direct connections to an app, not a network – segment of one, no exposure of any additional resources or data, no ability to move laterally or connect to C&C servers
  • Multi-tenant architecture – cloud-native, multi-tenant design; continuous security updates
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – policy enforced at the edge in 150 DCs (SASE), peering in internet exchanges, hundreds of apps

We are excited to offer our enterprise customers worldwide the joint benefits of Nozomi Networks and Zscaler.