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Looking for Cybersecurity Jobs?

At Nozomi Networks we know that the quality and drive of our team is what defines us. We strive to hire extremely talented people and then we help them succeed.

If you are passionate about revolutionizing industrial cyber security, please consider joining us!


“Nozomi is looking to hire the best of the best, with more than 30 job openings advertised as of my last check. It is building teams globally with a concentration in the US and Switzerland. Company is innovating in real time asset discovery, active asset monitoring, and use of ML/AI for deep asset inspection. If you are looking for hard technical challenges, find working at the intersection of cyber security and industrial infrastructure interesting, and thrive highly diverse/global setting, then Nozomi might be the right place for you. Nozomi’s team, its customers, and investors are moving forward towards building a category-defining, mission-oriented, innovative company.”


Partner, Lux Capital