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If you’re passionate about creating innovative OT and IoT security solutions, consider joining us!

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As cyberattacks have become an everyday occurrence, the need for smart, motivated people to protect the world’s infrastructure has never been greater. We’re proud to have so many of them on our team. We call them “Nozomiers”. 

It’s about more than training or technical skills. We’re obsessed with service and passionate about doing good in the world. If that’s something you’d like to be a part of, read on.

After being here for just a few months, I realized that not only is the product great, but the people are equally (even more than) great! It’s rare to find a company where you love what you do, and the people you do it with and for.”

– Roya

Nozomi is the place to be – a motivating work environment, top notch colleagues, obsession for excellence and innovation. You can really love what you do every single day.”

– Alessio

At Nozomi Networks, I found a place where technical skills meld with passion and a powerful push to do better, all in a very friendly, inclusive and safe place. I found a place where every day is a learning day, a continued journey toward discovering new knowledge. It’s impossible to get bored. This is Nozomi and our product is the result of what we do.”

– Manuel

At a personal level, everyone is super helpful. Questions to internal channels get answered quickly, with everyone trying to make everyone else successful. From Edgard, our CEO, on down, I feel like the entire management team has my back and is here to help me.”

– Anthony

Our Cultural Pillars

Whether it’s during a customer call, while writing code to create exceptional technology, interviewing outstanding talent, or ensuring the well being of our employees, we never waiver from what matters the most. Transparency and trust, armies of one – Nozomiers are at the heart of everything we do.

From day-to-day decision making, to interacting with each other and our customers, there’s something almost magical about the culture at Nozomi Networks. And it all starts with our cultural pillars.

Transparency + Integrity = Trust

We’re all in the same boat, rowing in the same direction. We enable our employees by providing access to all the information needed to remove roadblocks and get the job done.


Money generated goes directly into making world class products and enabling our customers. We don’t spend … we invest where it counts.

We Don't Give Up

We’re on a marathon (maybe even an ultra marathon), not a sprint. Every step forward, no matter how big or small, counts.

We Are One Team

Each of us is equivalent to an army of wicked-smart, autonomous decision makers who operate as one highly-connected team.

This is Our Passion

“Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Our work matters, so bring passion and enthusiasm to your role!

We’re Customer Obsessed

Tech is foundational, but keeping customers happy is existential. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to turn customers into raving fans.

Benefits For a Balanced Life

We’re proud of the diversity across our company, and recognize that there’s no on-size-fits-all solution. We continue to work towards offering flexible benefits that meet the needs of Nozomiers around the globe.

Remote Working

Distributed Working

Some positions are so critical, they need to be campus-based. For others, a seamless digital experience with leading tools and tech allows Nozomiers to work from where ever they want.

Unlimited Time Off

Recharge Those Batteries

We know downtime is important, so we offer unrivalled time off to allow you to rest and get revved up to go again! Everyone gets a flexible schedule to incentivize a healthy life balance.

Whoo Hoo Rewards

Whoo Hoo Rewards

Building communities inside Nozomi Networks is another way for us to connect. Whether you are a foodie, or love fitness, animals, or games, we’ve got a group where you belong.

Our Middle Name is Fun

The Power of Community

Building internal communities is another way for us to connect, celebrate diversity and be part of something special. If you're a foodie, a fitty, or an animal lover, we've got a group just for you.

Life @ Nozomi Networks

We’re one, big global family that’s proud to be protecting the world’s critical infrastructure. 

As you can see, we have a lot of fun along the way.

Join us in building something truly special!

Getting to Know One Another

So … you found a role you’re a perfect fit for and submitted your application. What’s next? The interview process is designed to help us get to know one other.

  • Our recruitment team starts by reviewing your application. If your expertise matches the role and requirements, they will progress to team review and get back in touch.
  • Next, you’ll be invited to a video call with a Talent Acquisition specialist to discuss the role, your skillset and career aspirations, and Nozomi Networks’ culture. This is a two-way conversation which we think is important just as much for you as it is us. If all parties agree it’s a good match, we’ll progress forward.
  • You’ll be invited to a virtual or in-person interview with the Hiring Manager to discuss your experience in more detail, as well as the day-to day responsibilities. Both parties have the opportunity to get to know one another, to ensure the role is a great fit.
  • If you’re a technical genius, there’s likely to be a tech test somewhere around here!
  • We hope that at this point, you can see that there’s something magical about the culture at Nozomi Networks. To enable you, as well as us, to get an even better insight, we’ll arrange interviews with a couple of peers/senior team members that you’ll be working with either directly or indirectly, to really get to know us.
  • Final interviews with our executive team give you the opportunity to learn what makes Nozomi Networks such a special place to work, and do one last cultural pillar fit.

We Can't Wait to Meet You!

We know that the quality and drive of our team is what defines us, so we strive to hire extremely talented people and then help them succeed.

Help Nozomi Networks build the future of OT and IoT cybersecurity. Check out our open positions and apply today.

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