How Nozomi Networks and IBM QRadar Work Together

Centralized Visibility and Correlation Supports Rapid Incident Remediation

The Nozomi Networks QRadar App, available in the IBM X-Force App Exchange, is a free extension for the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform.

It delivers out-of-the-box rules and algorithms that plug directly into the QRadar advanced analytics engine. This fully integrated solution provides real-time visibility and threat detection for OT and IoT networks, as well as alert aggregation and prioritization.

The Nozomi Networks solution extends visibility across OT and IoT assets and provides context around changes and anomalies that occur on the network. Upon deployment, it creates an inventory of OT and IoT assets, and continuously monitors the network for vulnerabilities and threats. This information is then “normalized” and passed to the IBM QRadar SIEM platform, for coordinated IT/OT/IoT threat management.

IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar and the IBM Security Platform leverages data from Nozomi Networks’ AI-based hybrid threat detection and visibility capabilities.

Combining Nozomi Networks visibility and monitoring information with data collected in IBM QRadar allows security and IT teams to quickly view and prioritize alerts and risks across their entire environment. When high-risk anomalous activity is discovered, analysts can quickly drill down on detailed views to understand and investigate the factors contributing to the risk score.

Together, IBM and Nozomi Networks are addressing the growing need for effective, integrated IT/OT visibility and cybersecurity.

Qradar screen
IBM QRadar

The dashboard displays actionable insights including:

Anomalous behavior and activity
Configuration downloads
DDoS attacks on OT/IoT assets and networks
New assets on the network
Potential malware exploits and profiles
Non-responsive assets
Online edits to PLC projects
Corrupted OT packets
Summaries of traffic activity
Firmware downloads
Misconfigurations on critical assets and equipment
Logic changes
Communication changes
Nozomi Networks / IBM QRadar Solution Sample Deployment Architecture

Automatically discover OT/IoT and IT assets, create baseline traffic mapping, and identify malicious activity and vulnerabilities.

Nozomi + IBM Qradar

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