How Nozomi Networks and Keysight Work Together

Unified OT & IoT Security and Visibility

Nozomi Networks delivers OT/IoT and ICS cybersecurity solutions to customers worldwide, providing comprehensive asset visibility, network monitoring and threat detection for industrial networks.

Within minutes of deployment, it begins creating a baseline of the environment. By detecting changes and anomalies that could impact operations, Nozomi Networks helps prevent critical asset downtime. Additionally, Nozomi Networks integrated threat intelligence helps identify threats that may be targeting the environment.

The Right Data for the Right Response

Ixia Network Visibility Solutions (NVS) deliver full data access to both OT and IoT networks. Complete, real-time visibility starts with “tapping” networks to capture and copy traffic used in performance and security monitoring, incident response, forensics, and analysis. Tapping can occur where OT switches aren’t capable of adequately mirroring packets to ensure complete visibility. Taps may also substitute for data diodes, as they allow copies of traffic to flow out of the monitored network segment but not back into it.

Data from the network is forwarded to Ixia’s Vision Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) for real-time processing and delivery to the Nozomi Networks solution. Pre-processing of traffic removes duplicate packets and strips unwanted or privileged data to improve overhead and meet compliance mandates for securing information. Vision NPBs aggregate, process, and deliver all relevant data from mirror and tap connections to the Nozomi Networks solution, filtering out traffic not relevant to OT and IoT security.

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Detect, prioritize and remediate threats in your OT/IoT and ICS infrastructures.

With Nozomi Networks and Keysight, data collection occurs across multiple levels in your ICS environment.

The Nozomi Networks solution uses Keysight’s visibility architecture to capture comprehensive data and eliminate network blind spots. Consolidated data is supplied to the Nozomi Networks threat analytics platform to promote rapid incident response and proactive defense strategies.

Keysight + Nozomi sample deployment

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