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ETHOS Open-Source Information Sharing Community Opens General Membership

Individuals, organizations, OEMs and security vendors are invited to contribute developers to build the client-server model for operational technology (OT), information sharing and early warning to rapidly identify, assess and respond to emerging threats

SAN FRANCISCO (November 14, 2023) — The ETHOS (Emerging THreat Open Sharing) community today announced that general membership is now open for any individual, organization or security vendor who would like to contribute to ETHOS, its direction and future developments.

Publicly launched on April 24, 2023, ETHOS is a non-profit, open-source GitHub project in the OT security industry, with the goal of sharing anonymous early warning threat information with peers and governments across industries and regions. The ETHOS platform will correlate information and provide notifications for investigating statistically significant information otherwise not tagged as malicious or included in known threat advisories.

ETHOS provides a vendor-neutral option for OT information sharing to combat the growing number of cyber threats to industrial environments. An always-on, opt-in, open-source solution that functions like a hotline to correlate information from many security vendors to identify anomalous behaviors will strengthen cybersecurity defenses across heterogeneous process industries, ensure more trusted government collaboration and collective threat awareness.

The ETHOS Community project is open to any applicant to contribute to the general direction and codebase. Contributors who sign license agreements will be invited to build rules and thresholds for notification of statistically significant events and more.

At this stage, the ETHOS community and GitHub project are working on a proof-of-concept platform and use case before the project will be fully public. For more information, and to download and submit application materials, please visit the ETHOS website.

ETHOS is a nonprofit entity run by an independent mutual benefit corporation. Founding ETHOS community members include 1898 & Co., ABS Group, Claroty, Dragos, Forescout, NetRise, Network Perception, Nozomi Networks, Schneider Electric, Tenable, and Waterfall Security. Technology resources are currently privately accessible via GitHub.


ETHOS (Emerging THreat Open Sharing) is an open-source community tool hosted in GitHub that compares shared information to identify statistically significant behaviors, anomalies, and indicators of new and novel attacks. ETHOS was created in response to CISA’s call for Shields Up and the Biden Administration’s 100 Day Sprint, with the goal of reducing timelines for responding to novel threats targeting operational technology and critical infrastructure. ETHOS is maintained by a community of developers focused on ensuring the project grows to continue meeting the needs of cyber security practitioners who rely on actionable intelligence concerning emerging and novel cyber-attacks. The ETHOS community adheres to a set of agreed upon standard core principles.

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