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Nozomi Networks Advanced Cyber Security Now Embedded in Ruggedcom

Nozomi Networks Security products now available on the Siemens Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platform RX1500 with the new APE (Application Processing Engine) – offers industrial cyber security in a single device  

SAN FRANCISCO, September 3, 2019 — Nozomi Networks, Inc., the leader in industrial cyber security and operational visibility is now bundling its solutions for real-time cyber security and OT network visibility on the Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platform RX15xx from Siemens AG. The consolidated solution is now available as a certified partner application on the new Ruggedcom APE  running in the Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platform RX15xx. It provides industrial operators and cyber security teams with a rugged networking and switching platform that includes embedded industrial cyber security capabilities. Users gain the computing and OT security functionality they need with minimal rackspace, while streamlining procurement and installation efforts.

“This is a significant milestone for the market and for our partnership with Siemens,” said Nozomi Networks Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Andrea Carcano. “Embedding Nozomi Networks solutions into the Ruggedcom APE saves coveted rackspace and eliminates integration cycles. Users now have an efficient and reliable solution with cyber security capabilities baked in.”

First previewed at DISTRIBUTECH earlier this year, the certified partner application embeds Nozomi Networks’ advanced ICS cyber security solution into a new, more powerful version of the Ruggedcom APE. Ideally suited for electric power utilities, rail and traffic control systems, the new Ruggedcom APE1808 excels across a range of applications such as firewalls, network log and load processors, and intrusion sensors. It is designed to analyze data at the source, without the complications of installing an external industrial PC.

“This is likely to be the way these ICS detection systems will be deployed on anything with scale once the market matures,” according Digital Bond Founder and CEO Dale Peterson. “The communication is analyzed on the switch and only the alerts, nearby to alert packet captures, and meta data is forwarded to the detection management application for further analysis. It’s all configurable, so you can determine how much you want to send to the management application, and this can be adjusted as the threat or an incident warrants.”

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