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Nozomi Networks and Cervello Announce Partnership to Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions to Railway’s OT, IT & IoT Environments

Offering includes security solutions from Nozomi Networks and Cervello to deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio to better protect railway organizations, generate complete network visibility, detect threats and reduce overall risk.

SAN FRANCISCO and TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 22, 2021 Nozomi Networks Inc., the global leader in OT and IoT security, and Cervello, the leading railway cybersecurity company, today announced they have partnered to provide the rail industry with comprehensive, end-to-end cybersecurity. The partnership combines Nozomi Networks’ industry-leading OT & Internet of Things (IoT) security, visibility, and scale with the strengths of Cervello’s security software and deep expertise in railway operation and safety. Together, Nozomi Networks and Cervello deliver superior visualization of the entire OT, IT, and IoT railway networks, early cyber threat detection, management of cybersecurity compliance, and efficient remediation to ensure operational continuity.

“Digital transformation of the world’s rail systems increasingly requires IoT and cloud-based solutions to improve railway safety, operational efficiency, and reliability. Of course, this purposeful proliferation and utilization of IoT opens the door to new cyber threats and increases the rail and transport attack surface,” said Chet Namboodri, Nozomi Networks Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances. “That’s why Nozomi Networks has partnered with Cervello to help railway operators ensure safe and reliable transportation, while avoiding operational disruptions. We have several joint projects underway with advanced rail systems in Europe, and this now formalized global partnership enables us to more rapidly expand our joint efforts worldwide.”

Rail organizations require a cybersecurity solution built specifically for their constraints, methodologies, and proprietary systems. Cervello’s railway threat detection complements the Nozomi Networks cybersecurity portfolio to simplify, scale and strengthen railway security operations, while helping customers identify and respond effectively to cyber threats before they penetrate their critical network and activities via Nozomi Networks’ converged OT/IT/IoT purview. The Cervello Platform connects seamlessly and protects rail communications, signaling, and control systems against potential or existing threats to both safety and security.

“As a growing number of transportation organizations embrace the benefits of digital convergence, the need to implement cybersecurity for their operational networks is paramount,” Chet Namboodri continued. “We are pleased to be partnering with a leader in the rail and transport industry to help secure critical transportation infrastructure systems with OT and ICS visibility and security.”

“Our partnership with Nozomi Networks will enable us to provide customers with a one-stop shop for best-in-class railway cybersecurity,” said Roie Onn, CEO and Co-Founder, Cervello. “With the continued rise of cyber threats facing rail organizations around the world, customers are looking for the best, easiest, and most efficient ways to protect operating environments and reduce cybersecurity risk. Our partnership delivers the industry’s most complete, vendor-neutral railway cybersecurity portfolio, empowered by both companies’ exceptional technologies.”

Recognized as the market leader in OT and IoT security, Nozomi Networks is valued for superior operational visibility, advanced OT and IoT threat detection, and strength across deployments. Nozomi Networks solutions support more than 48 million devices in thousands of installations across energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities, building automation, smart cities and critical infrastructure. Nozomi Networks products are deployable onsite and in the cloud and span IT, OT and IoT to automate the hard work of inventorying, visualizing and monitoring industrial control networks through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. Use cases stretch beyond cybersecurity, and include troubleshooting, asset management and predictive maintenance.

Trusted by global OEMs, railway operators and infrastructure managers, Cervello is the railway cybersecurity leader dedicated to protecting the quality of railway safety, reliability, and availability worldwide. Cervello offers a railway-centered cybersecurity platform that blends patented zero-trust yet fully passive authentication mechanism, nation-state grade threat intelligence, and actionable response capabilities, enabling railway organizations to ensure safe and reliable transport. Cervello’s platform delivers maximum operational efficiency and supports both legacy and modern railway infrastructure equipment.

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Designed specifically to protect the unique needs of railways, Cervello’s railway-centered security solution passively integrates with the railway’s complex architecture and networks and applies a patented Zero-Trust authentication technology to provide unparalleled visibility, safety and security threat detection, and efficient remediation for operational continuity.
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Nozomi Networks protects the world’s critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Our platform uniquely combines network and endpoint visibility, threat detection, and AI-powered analysis for faster, more effective incident response. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and complexity while maximizing operational resilience.

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