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Nozomi Networks Delivers First End-to-End Platform for Improved ICS Cyber Security and Operational Reliability

Latest release of SCADAguardian integrates modules for Asset Inventory and Vulnerability Assessment, creating a comprehensive solution for critical infrastructure

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 20, 2017 – Nozomi Networks Inc., the pioneer in real-time cyber security and operational visibility for industrial control systems (ICS), today realized another industry milestone with its latest release of SCADAguardian. The trusted solution for cyber security risk detection is now the industry’s first solution to support both operational visibility and ICS cyber security with new modules for Asset Inventory and Vulnerability Assessment. It also introduces innovative Dynamic Learning for configuration-free deployments. This gives energy utilities, oil and gas operators and manufacturers the industry’s only single solution to comprehensively monitor control networks for cyber security and operational anomalies.

“At Vermont Electric our mission is to provide safe, affordable, and reliable energy services to our members. In order to do that, we need both operational visibility and cyber security protection for our critical operations systems. We’re working with Nozomi Networks because their deep industrial cyber security expertise is embedded in one clean, comprehensive solution, from network modeling to process anomaly and intrusion detection. With Nozomi Networks we’re investing in the future reliability and efficiency of our operations.”
Kris Smith, SCADA and Operations Engineering Manager, Vermont Electric

“Our customers love the way SCADAguardian uses AI and machine learning to deliver effective ICS cyber security and anomaly detection. But, similar to the needs at Vermont Electric, many were asking if we could leverage that functionality to help streamline operational tasks. That’s why we are offering new modules that simplify operations and ultimately improve operational visibility and monitoring for stronger cyber resilience and ICS reliability.”
Andrea Carcano, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks’ New SCADAguardian Solution Architecture

NEW Comprehensive Asset Inventory
For industrial operators, tracking assets and knowing their configuration and firmware versions, as well as other attributes, is often a lengthy manual process that is prone to human error and hard to keep up-to-date. SCADAguardian 17.0 automates asset tracking, keeps information current, and makes it easy to visualize, find and drill down on asset information such as software and hardware versions. Alerts, consolidated into context-aware incidents, notify operators of changes that may indicate a cyber security or operational incident.

NEW Vulnerability Assessment
SCADAguardian makes it possible for operators to stay on top of device vulnerabilities, updates and patch requirements. By constantly analyzing industrial network assets against a state-of-the-art repository of ICS vulnerabilities, SCADAguardian saves time and improves cyber resiliency. A dedicated view of all vulnerabilities and their severity facilitates fast remediation.

NEW Dynamic Learning
When it comes to comprehensive ICS modeling supported by AI and machine learning, SCADAguardian is well known for its automated learning phase in which it builds an accurate behavioral model of what every industrial device should be doing at every phase in the process. Until now, operators were required to perform a configuration step in order to switch the system from learning to protection mode. Now learning granularity has increased so that learning, and the switch to protection now happen automatically per node and per network segment. Stable network nodes and segments become protected automatically. Operators are not overwhelmed with alerts due to the premature closing of learning mode.

These latest capabilities join a robust set of security monitoring modules in SCADAguardian to deliver the industry’s first and only single solution for both effective operational visibility and the strongest possible cyber security threat detection.
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Supporting Quotes

Ken Hans, Vice President, Trellis Energy
“This latest release of SCADAguardian satisfies a growing need among oil and gas producers looking for effective ways to address cyber security while improving operational efficiency. By combining advanced ICS Cyber security monitoring capabilities with new modules for asset inventory and vulnerability assessment, SCADAguardian can now solve for both. SCADAguardian not only eliminates exhaustive manual processes to inventory industrial assets and networks, but also provides a real-time view into potential industrial vulnerabilities and vastly improves cyber security threat detection and prevention for business-critical infrastructure.”

John Maddison, SVP Products and Solutions, Fortinet
“With the increasingly hyperconnected nature of OT, ICS and SCADA systems, integrated cyber security is critical to be able to collect and correlate threat intelligence in real time, identify behavior anomalies, and automatically orchestrate responses. Nozomi Networks’ latest release of SCADAguardian further bolsters its integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric to deliver the required level of security visibility and automation for evolving industrial control systems and critical infrastructure networks.”

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