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Nozomi Networks Delivers New Choices in Deep ICS Network Visibility

New SCADAguardian Advanced innovates a safe hybrid passive / active approach to deliver full asset inventory and precise OT network insights

SAN FRANCISCO, AUGUST 29, 2018 – Nozomi Networks Inc., the leader in industrial cybersecurity and operational visibility today announced a new product line designed to support mature and sophisticated ICS cyber security programs. SCADAguardian Advanced™ (SGA) provides full asset information by combining passive network monitoring with a safe, active approach for the best overall solution. New Smart Polling™ capabilities allow users to safely gain precise real-time asset inventories for stronger network monitoring. The result is the industry’s safest and deepest possible asset identification, vulnerability assessment, threat detection and ICS network monitoring.

“Nozomi Networks customers and the market can now get the best of both worlds,” said Andrea Carcano, Nozomi Networks Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. “Most customers are delighted with the ICS visibility and cybersecurity provided in SCADAguardian. SGA is designed for organizations that are ready to bolster their passive monitoring with a full, detailed view of assets and activity in the network in those cases where a passive-only approach is not sufficient. SGA safely delivers precise asset information with the industry’s most complete ICS and threat visibility.”

A separate and distinct product line, SGA leverages Nozomi Networks’ strengths in passive-only discovery and analysis, and safely incorporates active capabilities so that operators have the option to discover and monitor a specific and more complete set of ICS data. SGA includes Smart Polling, a technique that uses low volume, very precise communications to actively identify and describe assets, vulnerabilities, and threats. Users gain

  • Precision Asset Discovery – Safely discover firmware, patch level and other device details.
  • Advanced Vulnerability Assessment – Quickly confirm vulnerabilities for faster, more efficient response.
  • Maximum Control – Choose easy-to-use default configurations, or manually apply Smart Polling to query specific devices or selected areas of the network.

“SGA is another milestone in Nozomi Networks’ unwavering commitment to meet the needs of the world’s most sophisticated critical infrastructure operators,” Carcano said. “We’re proud to be innovating at the forefront of ICS cyber security, delivering the most advanced solution to the organizations who are pushing the boundaries to secure their industrial critical infrastructure. It’s exciting to have the product ready and being tested as part of very large global deployments.”

It’s all about Choice
The new SGA product line is in beta now at several industrial sites around the world. It will be generally available this fall.

Customers who choose to rely on a passive-only solution can continue to trust our flagship SCADAguardian product line. It will continue to be available and evolve over time.

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