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Nozomi Networks Honored as The Cutting Edge ICS/SCADA Security Solution Winner in the 5th Annual 2017 Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards

MENLO PARK, Calif., February 13, 2017 – Nozomi Networks, the pioneer in cyber security and operational visibility for industrial control systems (ICS), announced today that Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine and media partner of the RSA® Conference 2017, has named SCADAguardian winner of the 2017 Cutting Edge Solution award for ICS/SCADA security.

The award follows a record-setting year for Nozomi Networks in terms of revenue growth and customer acquisition across the United States and Europe. In 2016, the company doubled its customer base and continues to reinforce its strong reputation as the standard bearer and trusted ICS cyber security provider for leaders in oil & gas, electric utilities, manufacturing and transportation.

“After many months of review and being judged by leading independent information security experts, Cyber Defense Magazine is pleased to announce that Nozomi Networks has been selected as The Cutting Edge Solution in ICS/SCADA Security for the 2017 CDM InfoSec Awards,” said Pierluigi Paganini, Editor in Chief. “We’re thrilled to recognize next-generation innovation in the information security marketplace and that’s why Nozomi Networks has earned this award from Cyber Defense Magazine. Some of the best INFOSEC defenses come from these kinds of forward thinking players who think outside of the box.”

Monitoring industrial devices across dozens of multinational customer sites spanning oil & gas, electric utilities, manufacturing and transportation, SCADAguardian provides real-time cyber security and operational visibility for industrial control networks. It rapidly detects cyberattacks and process anomalies, providing insights that improve cyber resiliency, reliability, and safety. By automating the task of providing up-to-the minute visualization of the industrial network, including its components, connections, and topology SCADAguardian allows OT and IT teams to focus on pre-empting or mitigating issues that could impact security or availability.

“CDM’s recognition of SCADAguardian further validates Nozomi’s strong lead in a new generation of industrial cyber security,” said Nozomi Networks Founder and Chief Product Officer Andrea Carcano. “This industry honor is a tremendous endorsement to the fact that SCADAguardian is ahead of the curve when it comes to the best-of-the-best products that can provide the highest security in industrial network security.”

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