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Helps security and risk management teams expand their security programs by providing visibility into OT and IoT assets

SAN FRANCISCO, November 6, 2019 Nozomi Networks, Inc., the leader in OT and IoT security, today announced Guardian Community Edition, a free tool designed to help security and risk management teams take the first step in expanding their risk lens to include OT and IoT cyber security. Leveraging the technology used in Nozomi Networks’ leading cyber security platform, Guardian Community Edition (Guardian CE) gives users visibility into OT and IoT assets in their environments.

According to Gartner Research, by 2021, 70% of OT security will be managed directly by the CIO, CISO or CSO.* By 2023, 75% of organizations will restructure risk and security governance to address new cyber-physical systems (CPS) and converged IT, OT, Internet of Things (IoT) and physical security needs.** From traditional industrial and OT operators to airports, sports entertainment venues and smart cities, organizations across a broad range of industries are consolidating their IT, OT and IoT efforts.

“Organizations across a spectrum of industries are converging IT, OT and IoT efforts to improve business processes, deliver better customer experiences and gain a competitive edge,” said Nozomi Networks Co-founder and Chief Product Office Andrea Carcano. “Cyber security executives and their teams are challenged to gain visibility into these networks. But having visibility is the first step to securing them. We developed Guardian Community Edition to give the community a safe way to begin expanding their security footprint to include OT and IoT assets in their networks.”

Guardian CE – The First Step to OT/IoT Visibility

Leveraging capabilities in Nozomi Networks’ award-winning Guardian cyber security platform, Guardian CE helps users to:

  • Discover OT and IoT assets in the network
  • Generate and print a visual map of the OT/IoT network
  • See which OT assets are mistakenly connected to the Internet
  • Identify OT/IoT asset configuration issues

The functionality offered within the free Guardian Community Edition represents a subset of the full technology suite available from Nozomi Networks. As a free tool, it is designed to help organizations take the first step of gaining visibility into their OT and IoT networks without disrupting their operational networks. When security teams are ready to take their OT and IoT cybersecurity to the next level, Guardian CE can be easily upgraded to include Nozomi Networks’ full suite of products and services.

Simple Upgrade Path to Nozomi Networks Cyber Security Platform

Designed to integrate with existing tools and workflows, Nozomi Networks full portfolio of products and services help security and risk management teams achieve full visibility across their networks. This allows them to track threats as they move across IT systems to critical production assets. By providing insight into vulnerable assets and alerting for threats and anomalies that could shut down operations, Nozomi Networks solutions help customers maintain availability of their critical assets. These key use cases go beyond traditional industrial systems as digitalization drives more connected systems in markets such as building automation, hospitals, smart cities, entertainment venues and others.

Deep understanding of the complexities of operational networks, continuous innovation and expertise in artificial intelligence have made Nozomi Networks the industry standard for threat detection and visibility for industrial control networks, and the leader in OT and IoT security. Today Nozomi Networks solutions support hundreds of thousands of devices in more than 1,400 installations spanning energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities and critical infrastructure. Customers include six of the world’s top 20 oil and gas operators, four of the top 10 electric utilities, four of the top mining operations and five of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

Visit the Guardian CE webpage to learn more and download the free OT/IoT visibility tool. Or visit Nozomi Networks website to explore the full suite of cyber security solutions available. 

Additional Resources

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*Gartner Market Guide for Operational Technology Security, Saniye  Alaybeyi and Ruggero Contu, 30 July 2018
**Gartner Report: How to Develop a Security Vision and Strategy for Cyber-Physical Systems, Katell Thielemann, 4 April 2019

About Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks is accelerating the pace of digital transformation by pioneering innovation for OT and IoT security and visibility. Leading the industry, we make it possible to tackle escalating cyber risks in a converging world of IT and OT. In a single solution, Nozomi Networks delivers network visibility, threat detection and insight to thousands of the largest critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation and other industrial sites around the world.

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