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Tech Stations Company Partners with Nozomi Networks in Saudi Arabia

RIYAD, Saudi Arabia, October 29, 2023 - Tech Stations Company (TSC) has announced it is now a Nozomi Networks MSSP Focus Partner in Saudi Arabia.

TSC is a Saudi company that is highly focused on OT/IoT/IT cybersecurity. Established in 2009, with a clear vision and a qualified team to provide mature qualified services to the KSA market, they provide enterprises with a full suite of cybersecurity services and work with businesses to help protect and monitor their critical systems and respond to emerging cybersecurity threats. TSC is considered one of the first OT/IoT cybersecurity service providers in KSA, as they take heavy interest in the OT/IoT security impact on the economy and the whole country. TSC is one of NAHL Holding companies based in Riyadh.

In continuation of its role in regulating and protecting the Kingdom's cyberspace, and in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, NCA (National Cybersecurity Authority) publishes the Operational Technology Cybersecurity Controls (OTCC-1:2022). These controls are aligned with related international cybersecurity standards, frameworks, controls, and best practices. The controls aim to raise the cybersecurity level of OT systems in the Kingdom by setting the minimum cybersecurity requirements for organizations to protect their Industrial Control systems (ICS) from cyber threats that could result in negative impacts. These controls are an extension of the NCA’s Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC).

Today, TSC is providing the OT Cybersecurity compliance guarantee, which will guarantee their clients to 100% comply with NCA OT controls, after a deep gap analysis and road map strategy, utilizing Nozomi Networks’ solutions to ensure the best results.

Eng. Yasser Alrobaian CEO of NAHL holding & TSC said, “We are confident that the strength of the OT/IoT cybersecurity global leader (Nozomi Networks) solutions and through our expert team will give our customers a different level of protection against cyberattacks, which will reflect our participation in achieving the 2030 vision.”  
“Nozomi Networks is excited to partner with TSC on multiple mission critical verticals in the Kingdom,” said Nozomi Networks Regional Vice President Khalid Aljamed. “Whether it's OT NCA regulatory compliance in transportation and aviation, IoT assets vulnerability management and threat detection in healthcare are, or predictive maintenance within manufacturing, we believe our technology and solutions and TCS expertise and services will bring a tremendous amount of value add to the Cybersecurity space and our customers in the Kingdom.”

Recognized as the market leader in OT and IoT security, Nozomi Networks is valued for superior operational visibility, advanced OT and IoT threat detection, and strength across deployments. Nozomi Networks solutions support more than 102 million devices in thousands of installations across energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities, building automation, smart cities, and critical infrastructure. Nozomi Networks products are deployable onsite and, in the cloud, and span IT, OT, and IoT to automate the hard work of inventorying, visualizing, and monitoring industrial control networks through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. Use cases stretch beyond cybersecurity, and include troubleshooting, asset management, and predictive maintenance.

About Tech Stations Company (TSC)
Tech Stations Co (TSC) is a leading company in the field of IT & Cybersecurity, successfully delivering more than 1,000 projects for more than 450+ clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TSC is a recognized partner for global technology vendors, providing their solutions through a team of qualified certified engineers, managed by a robustPMO office that guarantees deliverables and controls. TSC was established in Riyadh in 2009. Visit more information.

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Nozomi Networks protects the world’s critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Our platform uniquely combines network and endpoint visibility, threat detection, and AI-powered analysis for faster, more effective incident response. Customers rely on us to minimize risk and complexity while maximizing operational resilience.

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