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Vermont Electric Cooperative Among Elite Group of Utilities Recognized for Cyber Security Innovation and Excellence

Nozomi Networks’ honors 3 utilities using cutting edge cyber security to reduce risk and improve reliability of the power grid.

Johnstown VT, June 28, 2018 — Nozomi Networks Inc., the leader in real-time cyber security and operational visibility for industrial control systems (ICS) today announced Vermont Electric Cooperative is among this year’s annual customer awards winners.  The awards recognize Nozomi Networks customers who are leading their respective industries with advanced strategies and cutting edge technologies in the fight against escalating cyberthreats to their operational networks.

“We recognized Vermont Electric Cooperative because their strategic use of Nozomi Networks SCADAguardian affords them the same level of protection as many large global utilities,” said Nozomi Networks CMO Kim Legelis. “Their progressive approach gives them outstanding visibility and cyber security into their OT networks and enables them to deliver on their business objective to maximize reliability of the electric supply for their members.”

“Serving our customers with reliable electric service is our number one objective,” said Kris Smith, Manager of Operations Engineering, Vermont Electric Cooperative.  “With technology from Nozomi Networks, I sleep better at night knowing my critical operations are protected.”

“We are proud to recieve this award because it recognizes our commitment to protecting the power supply for our members, said Vermont Electric Cooperative, CEO, Victoria Brown. “Because our cyber security program uses technology from Nozomi Networks we are at the forefront of our industry and benefit from the same solutions as some of the world’s largest utilities.”

Vermont Electric Cooperative’s CEO Victoria Brown, Manager of Operations Engineering Kris Smith and COO Peter Russo

Vermont Electric Cooperative is a small but mighty standout among this year’s winners in the utility category. Other winners include a top-five global utility serving five continents and a large North American power authority that serves 30 utilities in the Western United States.

Their use cases are unique examples of how ingenuity and the use of innovations in machine learning and AI are helping industrial organizations of all sizes strengthen their OT security, while gaining operational efficiencies.

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