Cybersecurity and Analytics for All Connected Devices

Our industrial cybersecurity solutions deliver unmatched asset intelligence, threat detection and AI-driven insights.


Security and reliability issues before they impact operations

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Emerging threats and the root cause of process anomalies

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With actionable intelligence to accelerate remediation efforts

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Unmatched Industrial Cybersecurity

Nozomi Networks’ industrial cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect mission-critical environments across all industries and sectors, including today’s OT and IoT physical devices and processes. We deliver:

  • Unmatched protocol coverage and comprehensive, accurate analysis of dozens of OT, IoT and IT protocols
  • AI-driven insights and root cause analysis provide actionable intelligence to accelerate response or guide remediation efforts
  • Proven in the largest and most complex customer environments around the world
  • Unique ability to write ad hoc queries to create alerts when assets or systems are not functioning correctly
  • Seamless integration with SIEM and SOC systems for closing operational visibility and security gaps
  • Rigorous forensic analysis for incident response and greater insights
  • Global partner ecosystem for purchasing and service needs

Leverage Guardian for
On-prem Analysis & Control

Get OT and IoT device discovery, industrial network visualization, vulnerability assessment, risk monitoring and cyber threat detectionall within a unified on-premises platform.

  • Track vulnerabilities across ICS, OT and IoT devices
  • Continuously monitor your OT network traffic and threats
  • Rapidly identify anomalous behavior through AI-driven insights
  • Improve incident response and compliance efforts

Scale Deployments Enterprise-Wide with the Vantage Cloud Platform

Leverage the scale and simplicity of software as a service (SaaS) for unmatched security, scale and visibility across all your OT, IoT, and IT sites and networks.

  • Stronger correlation and deeper insight across large environments
  • Simplify management, visibility and deployment costs from a central cloud service
  • Flexibly manage cloud-hosted data for compliance purposes and data-sovereignty

Stay Up-to-Date with Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our OT and IoT Threat Intelligence service keeps you well in front of zero-day attacks, emerging threat sources, malware, botnets and newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

  • Aggregated research from Nozomi Networks Labs and other public sources
  • Automated, fast and comprehensive
  • Optional Threat Feed for use outside the Guardian/Vantage platform

Access Actionable Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence tracks and manages vulnerabilities, and helps you quickly prioritize efforts to reduce risk. A 70% reduction in the volume of irrelevant alerts allows you to focus on the issues that matter the most.

  • Minimize time prioritizing security patches
  • Reduce attack surfaces
  • Stay current with vulnerability research

Leverage Crucial Forensics, Research and Remediation Features

Learn why Nozomi Networks has the indispensable platform for all your network security research, analysis and remediation efforts. Reduce risk and maximize efficiency through:

  • Time Machine – Replay potential or previous attack scenarios to isolate issues
  • Playbooks – Guide and coordinate online responses by threat and device type
  • Workbooks – Prioritize efforts to manage vulnerabilities and reduce risk
  • Smart Polling – A powerful combination of passive and active asset analysis for industrial environments

Deploy Hardware, Remote Sensors and Virtual Appliances for Any Scenario

Guardian’s multiple distributed deployment options easily match the scale and ruggedness requirements of any industrial environment. Deploy sensors and collectors in physical, virtual or containerized appliances.

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See how easy it is to:
  • Discover all OT, IoT, ICS, IT, edge, and cloud assets on your networks
  • Gain immediate awareness of cybersecurity threats, risks and anomalies
  • Detect security incidents and respond quickly
  • Consolidate security, visibility, and management within a single platform