Nozomi Arc

Endpoint Security for Critical Infrastructure

What Is Nozomi Arc?

Nozomi Arc extends visibility across endpoint attack surfaces and dramatically reduces time to resiliency through faster deployments.
The Nozomi Arc endpoint security sensor provides enhanced data collection and asset visibility for mission critical industries. Nozomi Arc supports vulnerability assessment, endpoint protection, traffic analysis capabilities and more accurate diagnostics of in-progress threats and anomalies, including the identification of compromised hosts with malware, rogue applications, unauthorized USB drives and suspicious user activity.
What Is Nozomi Arc?

Key Benefits of
Nozomi Arc

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Increasingly accurate and more detailed asset information

An endpoint sensor can identify far more relevant cybersecurity details than can be learned from traffic monitoring and remote polling alone, including monitoring log files, user activity and USB drives.

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Continuous monitoring

Even when the device is not sending or receiving traffic, Nozomi Arc can provide continuous visibility and monitoring since the sensor resides on the host.

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Monitoring offline assets

For the first time, assets that were not connected to a Guardian sensor can now be visible with a Nozomi Arc sensor, which can be periodically synced with connected asset data for more complete network visibility and analysis.

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No externally initiated polling requests

Security best practices include minimizing or eliminating connections or data requests from outside the most secure endpoint zones, such as in a Purdue model. Many endpoints sit behind firewalls that block such externally initiated connection requests. Nozomi Arc allows endpoints to initiate all data collection and send data upstream.

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Immediate visibility into asset changes and details

By residing directly on the host, any interesting changes in asset configurations, behavior, or traffic can be immediately identified.

ARC data collection
More efficient data collection, reduced impact on system resources

Customers can flexibly select how much depth of visibility they want to collect and how much system traffic is ultimately generated.

Why Nozomi Arc?

Nozomi Arc is the only solution that provides continuous visibility to key endpoint attributes and has been custom built to meet the unique requirements of OT and industrial environments.
  • Nozomi Arc Endpoint Sensor
  • Threat detection and deeper asset visibility
  • Support for Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Automated installation
  • Additional features (SIGMA rules, Windows)
  • User activity correlation
  • Other Endpoint Agents
  • Primarily an asset visibility feature
  • Windows only
  • Do not scale beyond a few dozen devices
  • No additional features
  • No User ID visibility

Sample Deployment Architecture for Nozomi Arc

Nozomi Arc accelerates time to resiliency and scales to fit any enterprise.

Nozomi Arc sensors are an endpoint executable that runs on either Windows, Linux or MacOS hosts in mission critical networks. Nozomi Arc can easily scale to accommodate large multi-site enterprise networks, while minimizing management overhead, impact on host resources and potential security and access concerns. Nozomi Arc forms an ideal complement with existing Guardian sensors in various form factors, including Remote Collectors and Smart Polling, to aggregate data for analysis and report either on- premises or in the Vantage cloud.

Sample Deployment Architecture for Nozomi Arc
Sample Deployment Architecture for Nozomi Arc

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