Central Management Console

Centralized OT and IoT security and visibility for distributed sites

Nozomi Networks Central Management Console (CMC) appliances deliver centralized edge or public cloud-based aggregation and management of Guardian sensors—no matter how distributed your business is.

Whether you’re consolidating visibility and risk management at the edge or in the cloud, the CMC is fast and simple to deploy.

The CMC showing a geographic map of your Guardian appliances.


Unified OT, IoT and IT Security

Single Console Access from the Cloud or at the Edge

  • Delivers aggregated summaries with drilldown to detailed information by site
  • Answers questions fast with powerful queries about any and all OT/IoT data
  • Deploys in the cloud (AWS or Azure), or at the edge, for anytime, anywhere access

Enterprise OT/IoT Risk Monitoring

  • Maps your Guardian™ appliances and shows risk level by site
  • Delivers fast insight into key metrics, alerts, incidents, vulnerabilities and more
  • Manages Nozomi Networks appliances and services

Unified Security Monitoring

  • Integrates quickly with asset, ticketing & identity management systems, and SIEMs
  • Streamlines security processes across IT/OT and harmonizes security data

Enterprise-level Best Practices

  • Leverages enterprise single sign-on (SSO) credentials for fast access to OT and IoT information
  • Provides deep role-based access control (RBAC) “least privilege” permission options for maximum security
Enterprise-wide Visibility

Real-time Network Visualization

  • Delivers instant awareness of OT/IoT networks and their activity patterns
  • Captures key data such as traffic throughput, TCP connections, protocols used between zones and more
  • Accelerates incident response and troubleshooting efforts

Flexible Navigation and Filtering

  • Shows macro views of multiple sites, individual sites and detailed information on nodes and connections
  • Filters by subnet, type, role, zone and topology
  • Groups assets visually, in lists and detailed single asset views

Summarized Asset Information

  • Aggregates asset inventories that are automatically generated by Guardian at each site
  • Provides key information such as:
    • OT asset inventory
    • IoT asset inventory
    • Vulnerabilities by asset type, vendor or location

Drilldown to Individual Assets

  • Enables access to local Guardian appliances and individual asset details, such as:
    • Operating system
    • MAC vendor
    • MAC address
    • Installed software
    • Vulnerabilities
    • Captured URLs/files
    • IP
    • Subnet
    • Zone
    • Role
    • Alerts
Portion of interactive Network Visualization Graph.
Smart Incident showing related alerts and security context.


Time-saving Threat Summaries and Forensic Tools

Detect and Disrupt Emerging Threats

  • Aggregates cybersecurity and process reliability threats
  • Reports attacks in process, reducing the mean-time-to-detection (MTTD)
  • Consolidates vulnerability assessment across sites

Unified OT and IoT Threat Detection

  • Combines behavior-based anomaly detection with signature-based threat detection for complete coverage
  • Integrates quickly with ticketing systems and SIEMs for streamlined security processes

Powerful Tools for Fast Analysis

  • Decodes incidents with Time Machine™ before and after system snapshots
  • Provides fast answers with a powerful ad hoc query tool

Smart Incidents Speed Forensics

  • Decreases response time with Smart Incidents™ that:
    • Correlate and consolidate alerts
    • Provide operational and security context
    • Supply automatic packet captures
Unified Security for Thousands of Distributed Sites

Centralized Monitoring of OT Risks

  • Consolidates information for thousands of sites and assets
  • Quickly scales for enterprise-wide deployment with optimum performance
  • Adapts to all sites, with multiple appliance models and flexible deployment options

High Availability, High Security

  • Ensures continuous OT and IoT monitoring with high availability and multitenant CMC configurations
  • Connects with field appliances using encrypted, bandwidth-optimized data transfers

Swift Deployment

  • Installs as a proven, plug-and-play, ISO 9001: 2015 certified product
  • Deploys in the cloud on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, and at the edge on virtual and physical appliances
  • Rolls out to numerous sites within weeks

Immediately Valuable

  • Improves visibility, cybersecurity and reliability
  • Integrates with existing tools and workflows for fast adoption and high productivity
  • Accelerates IT/OT collaboration
Sample deployment map for centrally monitoring and securing many facilities.

OT & IoT Security and Visibility

Industrial Strength Cyber and Operational Resilience

You can protect a wide variety of mixed environments with rapid asset discovery, network visualization and accelerated security.

Purdue Model Example

You can tailor the Nozomi Networks solution to meet your needs by utilizing its flexible architecture and integrations with other systems.

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  • Consolidate security, visibility, and management within a single platform