Nozomi GuardianTM

Comprehensive asset inventory and network visibility for OT and IoT environments on a per-site basis.

See, secure and monitor all your ICS, OT, IoT, IT, edge and cloud assets.

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The Nozomi Guardian security sensor passively observes local network traffic to provide comprehensive OT and IoT asset visibility and monitoring. Guardian continuously monitors network activity to discover new assets communicating on the network, provide network visualizations for troubleshooting and research, identify critical vulnerabilities, and detect cybersecurity threats and operational issues.

Product Overview

Accurate Asset Discovery and Risk Management at Scale

Up-to-Date Asset Discovery and Network Visualization

Passively monitor mirrored traffic without disrupting critical processes, triggering alarms, or generating additional traffic. Immediately visualize your entire operational network accelerate research and quickly identify anomalies and incidents.

Automatically Track OT and IoT Assets

Continuously monitor OT and IoT networks with accurate asset inventory, with extensive information of all communicating devices. Tracking of “normal” traffic patterns provides context for more accurate detection of anomalies and vulnerabilities.  

Automated Vulnerability Assessment

Rapidly identify which OT and IoT devices are vulnerable, with dashboards, drill-downs and reports that highlight issues and prioritize remediation.

Advanced Anomaly and Threat Detection

Quickly detect and disrupt advanced cyber threats and anomalous OT network behavior. Users get access to threat information such as Yara rules, packet rules, STIX indicators, threat definitions, and vulnerability signatures.

Reduced Mean Time to Recovery

Playbooks help prioritize remediation efforts by highlighting the threats that matter most and offering guided remediations in the platform UI.

Accelerated Cyber Risk Management

Respond faster to potential incidents with actionable intelligence, leveraging intuitive dashboards that provide macro and micro views and visualization maps.

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Why Choose Nozomi Guardian?

Nozomi Guardian sensors provide the most accurate and complete picture of what is happening inside your operational technology networks.

Purpose-built for OT and IoT environments

Superior accuracy and performance

Proven scalability and future proof

Broadest OT, IoT and IT protocol support

Flexible management options

Seamless integrations with SIEMS, and asset, ticket and identity tools

Sample Deployment Architecture for Nozomi Guardian

Nozomi Guardian sensors can be installed either physical or virtually and easily scale across any network size or complexity. Data is sent to our cloud-based Vantage manager or the Central Management Console for centralized risk assessment and management.

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