Industrial Strength Visibility and Advanced Threat Detection Across ICS, OT, IoT and IT Networks.


OT and IoT device discovery, network visualization, vulnerability assessment, risk monitoring and cyber threat detection – all in a single platform.

  • Track vulnerabilities across ICS, OT and IoT assets
  • Continuously monitor your OT network traffic and threats
  • Rapidly identify anomalous behavior through AI-driven insights
  • Improve incident response and compliance efforts

Cyber Threat Intelligence

OT and IoT threat and vulnerability intelligence helps you stay on top of emerging cybersecurity threats and new vulnerabilities.

  • Rapid detection of cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Eliminate alert fatigue with prioritized remediation steps
  • Get actionable intelligence to improve mean-time-to-detect (MTTD)

Remote Collectors

Low resource physical and virtual sensors that collect ICS, OT & IoT asset details and network data in remote sites.

  • Capture data from distributed locations to send to Guardian for analysis
  • Improve visibility while reducing deployment costs
  • Embedded container sensor to leverage your ruggedized devices.

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