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Gaining Deeper Visibility into Complex, Multi-System Operations

The Challenge

Staying on Top of a Wide Variety of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Transportation and logistics companies are leveraging automation to improve efficiencies across operational systems – from x-ray and baggage handling machines to environmental controls, ticketing and scheduling systems, and more.

This complex technology environment makes consolidated OT/IoT visibility extremely difficult. It also expands the attack surface, increasing vulnerability to cyber threats.

To keep things running smoothly, operations managers not only need a simple way to inventory the wide variety of devices in the IT/OT environment, they need deep visibility across all their OT networks.


Using Automated Asset Inventorying and Real-time Network Visualization to Improve OT System Awareness

The Nozomi Networks solution easily addresses the complex operational visibility challenges found in airport, metro and other transportation and logistics management environments.

As soon as it’s deployed, the solution automatically creates an accurate, centralized inventory of OT and IoT assets and keeps it up-to-date. Detailed asset views make it easy to drill down for deeper insight, while automated alerts bring hardware, software and device changes to your attention.

Guardian also analyzes network traffic, using the data to build a live, interactive visualization of your operational technology systems. An extensive amount of useful information is provided, including:

  • A macro view of the entire OT environment, with the ability to filter by subnets and network segments
  • The role of each node and the traffic between nodes
  • The protocols used to communicate between nodes and zones
  • Network traffic information such as throughput, protocols and open TCP connections
  • Detailed attributes of endpoints and connections

The Nozomi Networks solution delivers consolidated visibility into your OT and IoT assets and networks. The breadth and depth of information often provides insight into devices, connections and activity you weren’t previously aware of.

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Within minutes of deployment, Guardian builds an asset inventory, and visualizes your operational networks, often revealing devices, connections and activity you weren’t aware of.

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

Automated inventorying and tracking of OT and IoT assets is the first step towards deeper visibility and security. Guardian’s real-time network visualization capabilities improve system awareness and understanding of network structure and activity.

More Operational Visibility & Cyber Security Challenges

Preventing Operational Disruption and Downtime

To efficiently move thousands of people and products every single day, my automated systems can’t be down for even a minute.

Detecting Malware Before It Impacts Operations

To prevent malware from spreading across my transport & logistics management systems, I need real-time threat and anomaly detection.

Understanding Where System Vulnerabilities Lie

Knowing which vendor’s IT, OT and IoT devices are at risk would help me prioritize my security assessment and remediation efforts.


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