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Protecting My IT and OT Systems

The Challenge

Safeguarding the Entire IT/OT Landscape, Including ICS Systems and Processes

In the past, industrial control systems weren’t considered high risk for cyberattacks because they weren’t connected to enterprise systems or the internet.

Today, the use of common technology platforms, IT/OT data sharing, and cloud-based applications and analytics have made OT systems a primary target for threat actors.

CIOs and CISOs are now expected to protect the entire IT/OT landscape, including all physical assets and industrial processes. To achieve this, OT cyber security needs to be part of an overall digital security strategy managed by a collaborative IT/OT team.

The Solution

Aligning IT and OT to Close Security Gaps and Gain Operational Efficiency

Attackers are able to exploit the security gaps that exist between IT and OT systems because the departments responsible have traditionally been separated by mandates, priorities and organizational structure.

To reduce the blind spots and risks surrounding industrial control systems, IT and OT teams need to join forces, and establish a comprehensive enterprise-wide security strategy.

But combining IT and OT isn’t simple. OT networks are large, complex, and include assets and processes that aren’t familiar to IT. They may also use insecure or proprietary protocol communications that can’t be properly evaluated with existing IT security tools.

The Nozomi Networks solution is uniquely designed to facilitate IT/OT integration. We thoroughly understand industrial networks and processes, and our technology delivers superior OT visibility, real-time network monitoring and threat detection. It’s a safe solution for OT, that also provides the visibility and threat detection required by IT.

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Built-in support for many asset and identity management systems, firewalls, SIEMS and more makes it easy to integrate and share information across IT/OT environments.

A Safe Solution for OT + Visibility & Detection for IT

Guardian appliances, capable of supporting up to 500,000 nodes, integrate seamlessly with your IT infrastructure, easily sharing data with existing applications and assets. Integrating OT and IoT threat monitoring and asset intelligence into your overall security mandate goes a long way towards improving cyber resiliency and enterprise-wide reliability.

More Operational Visibility & Cyber Security Challenges

Automating My Asset Inventory

Creating an inventory of my industrial control system assets and keeping it up-to-date is extremely difficult.

Improving Situational Awareness

Without visibility into my entire oil & gas network and its activities, it’s hard to effectively monitor, manage and secure it.

Understanding My System Vulnerabilities

Knowing which vendor’s RTUs, PLCs and other devices are at risk would help me focus my cyber security efforts.


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