The Nozomi Networks App for QRadar

Helping security teams extend OT security and visibility across IT, OT and IoT assets in their networks.

The OT/IoT Security Challenge

The convergence of IT and OT has created a unique challenge for security teams – protecting large and diverse networks comprised of connected IT, OT, IoT and cyber-physical systems, while maintaining a robust enterprise-wide security posture. That, plus increases in targeted malware campaigns have made network-wide OT/IoT visibility an imperative.

The Nozomi Networks/IBM QRadar Solution

The answer lies in creating a consolidated view into IT and OT environments.

Nozomi Networks and IBM Security have done just that – by integrating the Nozomi Network Guardian OT and IoT visibility and monitoring solution, with IBM QRadar’s security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities.

In a single platform, the Nozomi Networks/QRadar solution delivers real-time visibility into the state of the entire OT/IoT environment, and identifies potentially malicious activity happening within it.

Joint Solution Benefits

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Consolidated Real-time Visibility Across OT/IoT Assets

Unified Security Monitoring

  • Complete OT and IoT asset inventories populated within IBM QRadar
  • Deep OT and IoT network visibility and continuous threat intelligence from within the IBM QRadar platform
  • Improved situational awareness

Rapidly Identify Your Risks & Vulnerabilities

Coordinated IT/OT/IoT Threat Management

  • Quicker identification and prioritization of OT and IoT vulnerabilities and threats
  • Automatic mapping of alerts from Nozomi Networks to IBM QRadar custom offenses
  • Reduced troubleshooting and forensic time & effort
  • Faster incident response and threat remediation thanks to alert aggregation
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How Nozomi Networks and IBM QRadar Work Together

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